In Forza Horizon 5, Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins are the free routes to random rewards such as free cars, horns, emotes, cosmetics, and Credits. They are one of the easiest ways to stock your showcases with items. In addition, some vehicles are only available for a lucky spin, and some of them can be legendary vehicles.


  • Buying certain Houses
  • Completing certain Accolades
  • Reaching a new driver level
  • Buying Hotel Castillo for a daily Wheelspin
  • As a reward for completing certain car collections
  • As Festival Playlist challenge rewards
  • Buying them from Forzathon Shop
  • Spending Skill Points to get one from Car Mastery Trees

The most sustainable way to earn Wheelspins is to level up or to spend Skill Points. Leveling up is not difficult, as the game is quite engaging. Additionally, XP can be earned from any activity in the game. The second option is spending Skill Points to get one from Car Mastery Trees has some more steps.

Skill points are earned through a Skill Chain, which can be obtained from the Drift Zones, among other options. Some cars do not have a Wheelspin in their Car Mastery tree. This can also be verified from the Car Mastery in Cars tab.


Image Courtesy: WindowsCentral

Super Wheelspins is even more rewarding, and one can reward players with three items, while the normal Wheelspin rewards only one. They can be obtained by spending Skill Points on a vehicle that can buy a Super Wheelspin. However, only one Super Wheelspin can be bought per vehicle. This can be overcome by buying the same kind of vehicle and using it to buy a Super Wheelspin, as each vehicle, even if it is the same, will be able to buy one Super Wheelspin.

One such vehicle that can be used is the Pontiac 1987 Firebird Trans AM GTA, which costs 25,000 credits. If payers follow the upgrade path given below, buying a Super Wheelspin with this car costs only 14 Skill Points:

  • Fan Favorite
  • Duck and Weave
  • Smash and Grab
  • Kansei Dorifuto
  • Too Soon Junior
  • What’s Not To Like?

On unlocking the final skill, players will also receive an extra Super Wheelspin. Once the Super Wheelspin has been obtained, the car can be sold at the auction house.

Source: USAToday and Gamerant

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