Garten of Banban: List of Monsters (Banban’s Gang)

Garten of Banban List of Monsters (Banban's Gang)

Garten of Banban is a game that offers a chilling twist on childhood innocence. Instead of friendly mascots, the game throws you into a nightmarish world where these creatures have become monstrous threats. Let’s check out the characters that haunt the halls of Banban’s Kindergarten:

The Monsters

These are the primary antagonists you’ll encounter throughout Garten of Banban. Each member of Banban’s Gang represents a distorted version of a potentially cute kindergarten mascot:

  • Banban (Red): The apparent leader, the red Banban, boasts a large, toothy grin that sends shivers down your spine.
  • Jumbo Josh (Green): This hulking green monstrosity with a single cyclopean eye embodies brute force.
  • Banbaleena (White): What might have been a cuddly rabbit is now a twisted white creature with unsettling features.
  • Stinger Flynn (Orange): A menacing grin and a spiky orange body make Stinger Flynn a sight to avoid.
  • Captain Fiddles (Blue): This blue monkey-like creature with sharp claws is a reminder that even the playful can turn terrifying.
  • Slow Seline (Yellow): With a blank stare and sluggish movements, Slow Seline might seem less threatening at first, but her unpredictability adds to the unnerving atmosphere.
  • Nabnab: This monstrous creature is a horrifying fusion of a huntsman spider and a human.
  • Queen Bouncelia: A terrifying kangaroo-human hybrid with immense jumping power, Queen Bouncelia adds a new layer of fear to the later chapters.
  • Sheriff Toadster: This amphibian monstrosity, a combination of a toad and a human, might be an enemy or hold a hidden agenda.
  • Nabnaleena: While the name suggests a connection to Banbaleena, the exact details and appearance of Nabnaleena remain shrouded in mystery.

Other Inhabitants of the Kindergarten

  • Opila Bird: A pink flamingo-like creature, Opila Bird can be both helpful and dangerous. Whether it becomes an ally or foe depends on your choices throughout the game.
  • The Teacher: A mysterious figure shrouded in secrecy. Her voice appears on intercoms and posters, but her true motives and role in the kindergarten’s demise remain unclear.

Hints of Upcoming Characters

Garten of Banban‘s episodic nature keeps players guessing about what future installments hold. Names like “The Jester” and “Kittiesaurus” have been teased by developers, leaving players to speculate about their appearances and potential roles in the story.

With each new chapter, the mysteries of Banban’s Kindergarten deepen, and the cast of characters grows more intriguing. Will you dare to face these horrors and uncover the truth behind the abandoned school?

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