Venti’s banner comes back in Genshin Impact, which will run for 3 weeks and end on April 6. Childe’s banner will also be three weeks old and will end on April 27th, according to Genshin’s Japanese Twitter.

This indicates that on April 27th, they will be performing maintenance and releasing a new banner, as well as a new version of Genshin Impact, Ver 1.5.

What can we expect?

  • If Eula, Yanfei, the housing system, or other leaked features are still in need of work, they will not be released with Genshin Impact 1.5’s official release.
  • At the very least, Eula and Yan Fei are likely to be released.
  • Rosaria was added as a new playable character in version 1.4.
    • Rosaria isn’t even new; she first appeared in 1.2, but she hasn’t yet been added to a banner.
  • It would also fit to include Azhdaha in 1.5, as the boss has been teased in-game in recent months.
    • The Geovishaps and Where to Find Them event was one of the most notable examples.
  • Finally, miHoYo has hyped the housing system in the past, as well as costumes or masks, and agriculture.

Previous Leaks

  • New characters
    • 5-Star Eula – Cryo Claymore
    • 4-Star Yan Fei – Pyro Catalyst
  • Rerun of Zhongli’s banner
    • Part II: History Mission
  • New weekly boss.
    • Azhdaha

It is worth keeping in mind that we won’t know if all of this content will be available until we watch the 1.5 live stream. In the coming weeks, miHoYo should announce the Genshin Impact 1.5 live broadcast date.

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