Genshin Impact’s Lost Riches event returns! Previously, you had to use your Treasure-Seeking Seelie gizmo to assist Ulman in finding Iron Coins. The same principles will apply here. Now let’s get started!

Adventure Rank 30 or higher Act I Inazuma Archon Quest: “Escapre from Ritou”

Day 1: Chinju Forest

  • Activate the Seelie device and head over Chinju Forest. It will rotate around you, as always. It will, conversely, drift away once it discovers a dig site. Just stroll around the designated area until you discover your dig site. The second site will appear after you’ve gathered all of the items in Chinju Forest. You will likely get 20x Iron Coins from the dig sites and on the beach near the shipwreck.
  • SPECIAL TREASURE 1: Head over the temple close to the Araumi travel point. The Treasure-Seeking Seelie will beep to help guide you, so it won’t be complicated! You will get a puzzle once you dig this site.

Day 2: Araumi, Fort Fujitou

  • In the southern portion of Araumi, 60x Iron Coins can be discovered, near the Relay Stone puzzle. Simply pay attention to the Treasure-Seeking Seelie’s alarms. Go to the northern part of the Fort Fujitou fast travel after you’ve claimed all 60x Iron Coins in Araumi. The majority of the dig sites are within walking distance of the beach.
  • CHALLENGE: After obtaining the very last Iron Coin, you’ll see the challenge pointer pop up near Fort Fujitou. You’ll get 1 minute to beat 2x elite Nobushi samurai.

Day 3: Jinren Island, Kujou Encampment

  • The majority of the dig locations on Jinren Island would be along the coastline, such as the southeastern portion, which houses the Thunder Bough/Electrograna and gateway. The next site will be Kujou Encampment. Almost each dig site, once again, will be along the shoreline. Solve the Relay Stones puzzle if you can’t find enough Iron Coins.
  • SPECIAL TREASURE 2: After that, open the Treasure-Seeking Seelie when you approach the edge close to the Thunder Bough plant. The floor plate puzzle will be revealed.

Day 4: Tatarasuna (North)

  • Day 4 has two active areas in the northern part of Tatarasuna. The first is near one of the Kamuijima Cannons. Many of the dig spots are located near the water’s edge. The next location will become accessible once you’ve collected all 60x Iron Coins. Next, head over to Takashi’s Hut. The dig sites will be along the coast as well.

Day 5: Kojou Encampment, Jakotsu Mine

  • The Pyro Hypostasis fast travel point is relatively close to the first spot. To locate Iron Coins, wander along the shoreline. The second area is on Yashiori Island, in the Jakotsu Mine.

Day 6: Yashiori Island

  • To find the coins, head to Yashiori Island’s Musoujin Gorge. The dig spots should be near the huge tree, east of the Momoji-Dyed Court domain. After you’ve gathered all you need, travel west of Serpent’s Head. It’s in close proximity to one of Orobashi’s Legacy’s puzzles.
  • CHALLENGE: For the challenge, you’ll fight a Cryo Mirror Maiden and Cryo Cicin Mage. Here’s the catch: beat them without getting frozen more than 3x.


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