Sign-ups for Genshin Impact’s 2.1 Beta Testing are now open and arrangements for the trial phase have begun! Genshin Impact has solidified its position at the top in recent months, outdoing a number of prominent games in terms of notoriety.  MiHoYo has guaranteed that gamers have access to new content on a regular basis, ensuring that they are always entertained. Get to know how to register below!

2.1 Beta Testing

The 2.1 Update will follow 2.0, which is expected in mid-July.  According to miHoYo’s six-week update timeline, the 2.1 Update should emerge in late August or early September. MiHoYo always begins beta testing of new updates before they go live. This typically occurs around the period of the prior update’s video broadcast, and we’re seeing something equivalent this time.

How To Register

  • Gamers must first follow Genshin Impact’s official Discord to be eligible for the 2.1 Beta. Go to THIS LINK to join!
  • Registration for the testing phase is available until the 7th of July, 12:00PM (GMT+8). There’s not much time remaining for sign-ups, so if you’re willing to take part, you must sign up as soon as possible. Some gamers have had trouble connecting to the Discord server, so you may not need to attempt numerous times.
  •  Unlike the previous time, simply having a link to the form will not be enough to get you into the testing phase. This is due to miHoYo’s elaborate statement in the form that beta testers must be members of the Discord server.
  • You will not be eligible to participate in the beta testing if you fill out the form and are chosen but are not a member of the server.

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