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Tighnari is the newest addition to the Genshin Impact character roster when version 3.0 released. Travelers are aiming to get Tighnari especially since he is the first Dendro five-star available in Genshin Impact. Of course, you need the right build for Tighnari if you want to use him.

In this guide, we will be giving you the best Tighnari DPS build to maximize his damage output in Genshin Impact. So if you have Tighnari or you’re still planning on pulling for him, hopefully this will help you.

Additionally, we’ll provide F2P options for the best team and weapon to use with a Tighnari DPS build.

Best Tighnari DPS Build in Genshin Impact

After his kit was revealed by HoYoverse, it was obvious that Tighnari is made for either the DPS or sub-DPS role. But even though he is fit for the sub-DPS role, we want to highlight his DPS abilities.

Because Tighnari’s damage output is based on the Dendro reactions he can create with the right team comp, the DPS role fits him better. Moreover, the amount of Tighnari’s DMG relies on Elemental DMG instead of his base ATK stats.

Similar to other characters, equipping Tighnari with the right weapon and artifacts are vital to maximizing his DMG output. And since he’s a Dendro character, you may need to grind to get the best artifacts which Tighnari can use.

Recommended Weapon for Tighnari DPS Build

Hunter’s Path (5-star)

The best weapon you can use with Tighnari is the Hunter’s Path, a five-star Bow. The Hunter’s Path is one of the new weapons introduced in Genshin Impact when version 3.0 went live a few days ago. This is not the best option for F2P players since the only way to get this weapon is by wishing for it from the weapon banner.

This is Tighnari’s signature weapon which means it’s his BiS (best in slot) weapon. What makes the Hunter’s Path good to use for a Tighnari DPS in Genshin Impact is its Elemental DMG bonus.

Furthermore, the Hunter’s Path increases the wielder’s Charged ATK DMG depending on your character’s Elemental Mastery. And if that wasn’t enough, the secondary stat of this five-star Bow increases your characters CRIT Rate.

Prototype Crescent

For F2P players, an alternative Bow to use with Tighnari is the Prototype Crescent. To get this Bow in Genshin Impact, you can craft it through any of the Blacksmiths in Teyvat. However, you will need the following materials to craft this weapon:

  • Northlander Bow Billet
  • Crystal Chunk
  • White Iron Chunk

If you decide to use this with Tighnari, it will give him a bonus effect of ATK +6.0%. Of course, there are more benefits to using Tighnari’s BiS weapon but if you’re an F2P player, you’re better off spending your Primogems on character banners.

The Stringless

Another 4-star Bow you can use with Tighnari is The Stringless. However, this is not an F2P option since the only way to get this weapon is by wishing on the banners in Genshin Impact.

But there is a high chance you’ll be able to get this weapon while wishing. This is because The Stringless can be obtained by wishing on any banner in Genshin Impact.

Image Courtesy of Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

So if you’re wishing on the limited-time character or weapon banner, there’s a possibility you’ll get The Stringless. Additionally, it can also be obtained from the standard wish banner in Genshin Impact.

This is a good alternative weapon for Tighnari because of its bonus stat.

  • At Lvl.1, The Stringless provides an additional +36 to your character’s Elemental Mastery.
  • And if you max out the weapon’s level to 90, you can get an additional +165 Elemental Mastery.

As we said earlier, Tighnari’s DMG output is better if you focus on his Elemental Mastery and DMG. This is because he can create powerful Dendro reactions if paired with the right teammates.

Recommended Team Comp

If you’re looking for the best team comps for Tighnari, you should focus on the new Elemental Reactions introduced in Genshin Impact. But we’ll be focusing on two of these Elemental Reactions since these two will step up your DMG output in the game.

Spread Elemental Reaction

Genshin Impact 3.0 - Best Tighnari DPS Build F2P team and weapon - Team 1

The first reaction to look for is Spread. By focusing on Tighnari’s Charged ATKs and Elemental Burst, you can maximize the use of this Elemental Reaction. Here is the best Tighnari team comp for triggering Spread reactions:

Tighnari Main DPS Dendro
Fischl Sub DPS Electro
Yae Miko Sub/Off-field DPS
Zhongli Support Geo


If you don’t have a Zhongli on your team, you can use other characters as your Support. Just make sure that they will not interfere with Dendro reactions since this is where your DMG output depends on.

Additionally, you can also swap out Yae Miko for other characters if you don’t have this 5-star unit. If you have a built Sub DPS already, you may want to consider putting them in your team in place of Yae Miko.

Quicken Elemental Reaction

As for the second Elemental reaction, you’ll want to maximize the use of Quicken reaction in your team. To do this, you may want to pair Tighnari with another Dendro character like the Traveler or Collei.

However, you’ll want to equip Tighnari with the Wanderer’s Troupe artifact set for this team comp. On the other hand, you can also equip him with the dedicated artifact set for Dendro characters called the Deepwood Memories. But take note that the other Dendro character on your team should have this artifact set equipped as well.

Here is the best Tighnari team comp for triggering the Quicken reaction in Genshin Impact:

Tighnari Main DPS Dendro
Collei Sub DPS
Fischl Sub/Off-field DPS Electro
Kuki Shinobu Support

F2P Team Comp for Tighnari

Genshin Impact 3.0 - Best Tighnari DPS Build F2P team and weapon - Team 3

Some of the characters we mentioned above can only be obtained by wishing. And because Genshin Impact is a gacha game, there is no guarantee for you to get all the characters especially if you’re an F2P player.

Here is an F2P-friendly team comp for players who have Tighnari but don’t have most of the characters we recommended above:

Tighnari Main DPS Dendro
Collei Sub DPS
Lisa Sub/Off-field DPS Electro
Barbara Support Geo


Aside from Tighnari, these characters are given to players for free as they progress through Genshin Impact. Moreover, Collei is obtainable by finishing the new event in Genshin Impact 3.0.

By using this team comp, you’re still able to maximize Tighnari’s DMG output since he is the Main DPS of the team. Pairing him up with Collei provides a Dendro Resonance to the team. And if she is built well, she can be a good DMG dealer as well.

Genshin Impact 3.0 - Best Tighnari DPS Build F2P team and weapon - Collei

As for Lisa, you should use her to increase Tighnari’s DMG. This is because she can trigger Elemental Reactions with her Electro Vision.

And Barbara can be an excellent Support unit. Not only will she be your team’s healer, but she can also trigger Elemental Reactions like Hyperbloom if paired with a Dendro character.

Recommended Artifact Set

Deepwood Memories

This is the newest artifact set released in Genshin Impact for the Sumeru update. Aside from this set being great for Tighnari, you can also use this on other Dendro characters such as Collei or the Traveler.

  • If you have a two-piece set equipped, it gives you a bonus of increasing your Dendro DMG by 15%.
  • And if you have a four-piece set equipped on your character, your enemies’ resistance to Dendro is reduce.
    • This can only be triggered after using your character’s Elemental Skill or Burst.

To get the Deepwood Memories artifacts in Genshin Impact, you need to farm it from a new Domain.

  • The Spire of Solitary Enlightenment is the newest Domain introduced in Genshin Impact for this update.
  • It is located in Sumeru and can be unlocked as you explore the new region.
Wanderer’s Troupe

On the other hand, you can also equip Tighnari with a Wanderer’s Troupe set since this is good for him as well. But we recommend equipping Tighnari with this set if you have another Dendro character on your team.

  • As an alternative, you can equip the other Dendro character with the Deepwood Memories artifact set.

If you equip Tighnari with artifacts from the Wanderer’s Troupe set, it gives him the following bonuses:

  • If a two-piece set is equipped, Tighnari gets an additional 80 to his Elemental Mastery stat
  • And if a four-piece set is equipped, it gives Tighnari an additional +35% with his CRIT ATK DMG
Artifact stats
  • ATK%
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Dendro DMG Bonus
  • CRIT Rate

Talent Priority for Tighnari

If you’re committed to building and leveling up Tighnari, you should know which Talents to prioritize. The best Talent to prioritize early on is his Normal Attack: Khanda Barrier-Buster.

This is because Tighnari’s DMG comes from his Charged ATKs, so you should make sure to level his first skill up. Then, focus on his Elemental Burst next before leveling up his Elemental Skill.

His Elemental Skill should be the last Talent you prioritize since his Normal ATK should be your number one priority.

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We hope this guide helped you in properly building Tighnari in Genshin Impact 3.0. Do you think he’s a good unit to have? And if you already have him on your team, is he worth the Primogems? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

If you have other suggestions to make the perfect Tighnari build, don’t hesitate to drop them below. Or if you have other questions about Genshin Impact’s Tighnari, we’d be more than happy to answer them.

Feel free to share any questions or thoughts you may have about Genshin Impact and the latest Sumeru update. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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SOURCES: HoYoverse, Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel