Genshin Impact 4.0 Phase 1: Should you pull for Lyney?

Lyney, Genshin Impact

The first 5-star character from Fontaine, Lyney is here. Lyney is a Pyro DPS character and even since the developers have showcased him, there is only one question circulating around. Let us address that question for you and tell you if you should pull for Lyney in Genshin Impact Update 4.0 Phase 1. So without any further due, let us dive right into it.

Should you pull for Lyney?

Lyney is shaping up to be a powerful yet complex Pyro DPS character. Using his normal attacks at high health drains HP to build Prop Surplus stacks, which empower his charged shots. His skill consumes these stacks for AoE Pyro damage. His burst turns him into a fiery cat, applying Pyro and summoning distractions. Overall, Lyney requires managing his unique Prop Surplus mechanic. This makes him less beginner-friendly than simpler characters. Pull for Lyney if you want a high-skill ceiling Pyro DPS option. Otherwise, opt for more supportive or well-rounded characters.

Lyney’s Kit Focuses on Charged Shots

Here’s a quick rundown of Lyney’s abilities:

  • Normal Attacks: Lyney performs up to four consecutive shots with his bow
  • His charged shots fire Prop Arrows, summoning decoy hats, and dealing Pyro damage.
  • His skill consumes Prop Surplus stacks for AoE Pyro damage and healing.
  • His fiery cat burst applies Pyro, summons distractions, and grants a Surplus stack.

Lyney Demands Field Time and Team Support

Lyney, Genshin Impact
Lyney, Genshin Impact (Image by Genshin Impact)

Since Lyney lacks off-field utility, he needs to be on the field to shine. You’ll also want teammates who can enable him with energy, healing, and element application. Characters like Yelan, Xingqiu, Xiangling, and Bennett synergize well to cover Lyney’s weaknesses.

Yelan and Xingqiu help drive vaporize reactions for Lyney’s pyro damage. Xiangling can provide pyro resonance and additional off-field pyro with Guoba’s peppers. And Bennett brings invaluable healing, attack buffing, and pyro particle generation in his circle.

Lyney Rewards Quick Thinking and Focus

If you love reactive gameplay and managing unique mechanics, Lyney will click. Charging his shots, monitoring his Prop Surplus stacks, and activating his skill at the right moments to regain HP and energy require your full attention. But this complex style is rewarding to master.

Lyney also has very distinctive abilities and animations. From his playing card normal attacks to his blazing cat burst, he brings creativity to combat. Pull Lyney if you want a uniquely complex and stylish playstyle.

Weapons and Artifacts for Lyney

For weapons, F2P bow options like Prototype Crescent work well on Lyney. If you get his signature 5-star bow, it provides crit damage and attack buffs.

For artifacts, a Pyro damage goblet is essential, along with crit rate/damage circlets. The Crimson Witch and Emblem sets are great for boosting his Pyro damage and managing his energy needs.

Final Thoughts on Lyney

Lyney brings complexity and flair with his Pyro DPS potential. Pull if you crave a high-skill character to master. But skip if you want simpler and comfier playstyles.

While powerful, Lyney has caveats like his selfish DPS style and mechanical complexity. He shines brightly but demands a lot to enable him fully. Choose Lyney if you relish a challenge and want to play with fire.

If you have any further questions about if you should pull for Lyney in Genshin Impact Update 4.0 Phase 1, comment below. We would love to hear from you and help you.

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