Genshin Impact 4.1: Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss; What we know so far

Genshin Impact 4.1 Millennial Pearl Seahorse Guide; How to Defeat

As the highly anticipated Genshin Impact 4.1 update approaches its global release on September 27, players are gearing up for a wealth of new content, including characters, areas, weapons, and, of course, challenging bosses. Among these formidable adversaries is Genshin Impact’s Millennial Pearl Seahorse, a majestic Magical Beast that stands as one of the two sovereigns at the zenith of the Fontemer Aberrants.

To help you in your quest to conquer this captivating yet fierce boss, we’ve compiled an informative guide to its whereabouts and how to emerge victorious.

Millennial Pearl Seahorse Location

The exact location of the Millennial Pearl Seahorse boss within the vast world of Teyvat remains a mystery until the official patch release. Rest assured, we will promptly update this guide with the precise location once the 4.1 update is live. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for any hints or rumors circulating within the Genshin Impact community.

Preparing for Battle

Defeating the Millennial Pearl Seahorse will require strategic planning and a well-balanced party. Based on information from the special program livestream, we recommend the following party setup:

  • Pyro Ranged DPS:

    • Characters like Yoimiya, who wield Pyro abilities, are essential for inflicting consistent damage over time. Their elemental skills and bursts can melt down the Seahorse’s defenses.
  • Cryo Character:

    • Include a Cryo character like Ganyu to take advantage of elemental reactions. Cryo can freeze the Seahorse or work in tandem with Pyro to trigger powerful Melt reactions.
  • Shield Character:

    • Zhongli or another shield character is invaluable to protect your party from the Seahorse’s devastating attacks. Shields can absorb damage and provide crucial survivability.
  • Healer:

    • A healer like Baizhu is vital to keep your team’s health topped up throughout the battle. The Seahorse’s relentless assault can quickly deplete your party’s HP, so a dedicated healer is a must.
  • Elemental Synergy:

    • Leverage Dendro characters if available, as their elemental reactions can deal additional damage to the Millennial Pearl Seahorse.

Engaging the Battle

Before you initiate the fight, ensure that all of your characters have full HP and are equipped with suitable artifacts and weapons. It’s also advisable to bring a stockpile of healing items and elemental boosts to the battle, as the Seahorse’s formidable attacks can be challenging to navigate.

Genshin Impact 4.1 Millennial Pearl Seahorse
Image Courtesy: miHoYo

Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss Rewards

  • Upon emerging victorious in battle, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded. One of the main spoils of triumph will be the Fontemer Unihorn, a valuable resource that can be used to ascend Neuvillette and strengthen your characters.
  • Additionally, the Millennial Pearl Seahorse may drop other valuable loot, so be sure to collect everything after the battle concludes.

As the Genshin Impact 4.1 update approaches, prepare yourself for the epic encounter with the Millennial Pearl Seahorse. With the right party composition, strategies, and a dash of perseverance, you’ll be well on your way to conquering this enigmatic boss and reaping the bountiful rewards it has to offer. Good luck, Traveler!

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