In Genshin Impact, food recipes can be clubbed into four broad categories, namely, health, attack, defense, and stamina. Beginning from the health food, these food boost the health of the player by either reviving a downed character or healing a particular fixed amount of HP/healing over a period of time. Consumption of attack and defense boosting dishes also follow a similar mechanism. They give a boost to stats generally or aims for particular areas such as physical damage shield quality. On the other side of this spectrum lies the stamina foods that don’t focus on combat.

Butter Crab

  • Category: DEF-Boosting Dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 Butter, 4 Crab, 2 Seagrass, 1 Matsutake

Every region in Genshin Impact is equipped with a reputation rank system. This enables the tracking of the progress of the players while they explore the nation. Similarly, every reputation system also at rank 7 has an exclusive recipe which for the region of Inazuma is Butter Crab.

Butter Crab falls under the category of the defense-boosting dish but there is a catch.  Consumption of this dish results in the increment of the team’s defense stat by a particular fixed amount. Additionally, the dish has an intriguing impact of boosting health effects by a particular percentage. Hence, in this way, butter crab is an in-between of healing and defense. This makes it perfect for the consumption of those holding up healers that are not fully built.

Chicken Tofu Pudding

  • Category: ATK-Boosting Dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 Fowl, 2 Ham, 2 Bird Egg, 1 Snapdragon

A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken – the world quest, the players get a recipe for Chicken Tofu Pudding.

This dish is mostly an offensive dish. It aids the players by increasing attacks by a fixed amount and the critical rate by eight percent. This spectacular dish is perfect for those characters who have suffered some high critical damage but a low critical rate.

Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns

  • Category: DEF-Boosting Dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 Raw Meat, 2 Jueyun Chili, 3 Flour, 2 Cabbage

There are some dishes in this game that can only be acquired through limited-time events, this recipe too falls under this category and it can only be acquired during the Moonlight Merriment event in version 2.1. This recipe is an excellent defensive dish. This is a four-star food that increased the players’ shield by thirty percent and also increased the overall general defense by a particular amount. Hence, this dish is a good booster for teams which has shield users.

Golden Crab

  • Category: DEF-Boosting Dishes
  • Ingredients: 5 Bird Egg, 5 Flour, 4 Crab, 2 Salt

Golden Crab is Genshin Impact’s one of the most common four-star food recipes. By nature, it is a defensive dish and the recipe for the same can be acquired through many ways: during Mona’s story quest, bought from Xinyue Kiosk, or during the quest Pressing Deadlines. In all, this dish makes a neat defense booster; it increases the base defense and healing effects by around eight percent. If players are looking for easily obtainable recipes this is the one, and it will result in an overall increase of defense.

Golden Fried Chicken

  • Category: ATK-Boosting Dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 Fowl, 4 Butter, 3 Pepper, 2 Flour

As a part of the collaboration with KFC, Genshin Impact had introduced the Golden Fried Chicken – which now is no longer available. Golden Fried Chicken is quite similar to the Golden Crab in terms of resulting effects as it leads to an increase in base attack and healing effects by eight percent. Thus, making this dish an overall good offensive booster.

Jade Parcels

  • Category: ATK-Boosting Dishes
  • Ingredients: 3 Lotus Head, 2 Jueyun Chili, 2 Cabbage, 1 Ham

Jade Parcels can be obtained when players complete the Xiangling’s quest that is in Springvale. This four-star recipe is a great offensive booster as it has the capability to increase attack by a particular and fixed base amount along with boosting the critical rate by eight percent.

Moon Pie

  • Category: DEF-Boosting Dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 Raw Meat, 4 Bird Egg, 3 Butter, 2 Flour

In the reputation system of Mondstadt, the Moon Pie can be acquired at 7th rank. As Mondstadt is the first region the players play in this game, this recipe is easily players’ first reputation recipe.

The recipe only requires the easiest and simple ingredients thus making it a cost-effective defense-boosting dish. The dish has the capability to increase the shield strength of the team by thirty percent and also it boosts the base defense by a fixed particular amount.

Stormcrest Pie

In Genshin Impact characters are provided with a golden opportunity to create a specialty dish. But the catch here is that only one character can create a special dish when they are making a four-star dish. Hence, when players are making Moon Pie, the character Eula has the opportunity to create the specialty dish of Stormcrest Pie. This four-star food gives a much higher defense boost and it offers around forty percent shield strength against the normal thirty percent boost.

Sashimi Platter

  • Category: ATK-Boosting Dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 Fish, 4 Shrimp Meat, 4 Crab, 2 Radish

This is an iconic dish from the region of Inazuma which the players can acquire soon after they have completed The Gourmet Supremos: The Importance of Eating Well in Inazuma City.

Because it calls for a mix of fish, shrimp, and crab, the Sashimi Platter may not be the most cost-effective meal in Genshin Impact (all of which can be a hassle to obtain at times.) Regardless, players that prepare the meal will be rewarded for their efforts, with the recipe increasing critical rate by 8% and attack by a significant amount.

Tianshu Meat

  • Category: ATK-Boosting Dishes
  • Ingredients: 4 Raw Meat, 2 Sugar, 1 Qingxin, 1 Matsutake

This recipe forms part of the reputation reward for Genshin Impact players that ranked up to the 7th level in Liyue. This recipe was formerly sold by Licai for 12,000 mora but players will be able to find this four-star recipe to benefit their in-game wallets.

Apart from the fact that the meal is exquisite, it’s simple to see why it’s so pricey. Tianshu Meat is one of the finest offense-boosting dishes in Genshin Impact, particularly for physical DPS characters who gain a 30% increase in physical damage and an 8% increase in critical rate.

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