Many of the Key Sigils can only be obtained when you head over the area’s tasks. Obtaining all of the Key Sigils also earns you an award. We’ve created a map showing all Key Sigil spots to assist you in finding any you might be searching for. You must first locate a handful of Key Sigils in Inazuma before you may enter Enkanomiya for the first time. If you’re seeking those, you’ve come to the right place!

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Key Sigils

  • Key Sigils, insignias that are required to open seals and uncover mysteries and riches, are one of the new mystery mechanisms in Enkanomiya.
  • They first appear in the mission to access Enkanomiya. However, they’ll be scattered around after you’ve accessed this location.

Location: Key Sigils I

Location: Key Sigils II

Location: Key Sigils III

Location: Key Sigils IV

Location: Key Sigils V

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