Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests via Youtube

Enkanomiya now has a new global quest called Antigonus. Enkanomiya is a new location in version 2.4 that includes new side missions, one of which is this one.

Change to the Evernight setting. The world quest is located here. You must glide over the edge of the cliff in order to see the task. You may need to glide around a few times because it’s difficult to see.

Antigonus Quest

You’ll need to speak with the two spirits who appeared at the beginning of the quests. After you finish here, you’ll be directed to a different location where you can meet an NPC named Antei.  If you haven’t been able to locate him, use the teleport waypoint and then head north (a marker will show a huge yellow circle where you may find Antei).

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Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests via Youtube

Looking for Antei

  • Antei will tell you to look for a Ruin Guard’s core, then a Ruin Guard that has been abandoned. Just follow the arrows to the appropriate locations. This Ruin Guard has to go down. After it has been destroyed, you can retrieve the book “Before Sun and Moon.” (This book is also required for a world quest called Collection of Dragons and Snakes.)
  • Return to Antei with the book and hand it over. The adventure of Antigonus comes to a conclusion here. You can now turn in the Before Sun and Moon book for the global quest Collection of Dragons and Snakes. You’ll earn 40 Primogems and some other goodies as a reward for your trouble.

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