Genshin Impact: Araumi Cube Puzzle Guide (Perpetual Mechanical Array Waypoint)

You’ll be able to enter the Araumi ruins after completing a few missions in Genshin’s Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual world mission line. In order to obtain entry to a Waypoint Teleporter and a Domain, you must solve numerous series of brain teasers. Let’s take a look at how to solve the cube puzzle below!

Complete: “A Strange Story in Konda”
Complete: “Sacrificial Offering”
Next Quest: “Cleansing Defilement”

How To Solve the Cube Puzzle

A cube puzzle unassociated with the Cleansing Defilement mission can be found to the left of the Torii entrance in Aruami.

  • To pass this test, stand at the back of the raised platform, facing the glimmering purple leaves of the center cube.
  • After this, launch strikes with a bow-user once at the lower-left cube, twice at the top right cube, and once again at the lower left cube.

When you finish this challenge, the water will flush, enabling you to swim to the ruins. Return to the stairwell in a straight path. Turn around once you’ve reached the top for yet another cube brain teaser!

  • Simply hit the center cube twice in a row to pass this puzzle!


The remainder of the water will flush after you’ve done this, revealing a new pathway for you to use. Engage with the mechanisms besides the entryways you discover along the way to access them.

The unexplored Teleport Waypoint, and also the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss and Tutelage: A Thousand Scrolls domain, will ultimately be reached!

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