Genshin Impact: Beat Lantern Rite Main Quest Like a Boss – Part 1

The new Lantern Rite main quest, “Flameplume Starflowers”, is a big part of the Fleeting Colors of Flight festival. It has quite the fetching and the questing at specific points on the map, so let’s walk you through them together for a bit.

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Quest Start

Start by speaking with Ningguang in front of the place where Rex Lapis ate dirt, and listen to her complain about how her job is difficult, and that as usual, everything for some festival needs to be perfect.

What do you know… it’s the Traveler (you), here to save the day by making everyone else’s issues into your issues! Ningguang will talk about how she needs help from another overworked character in the game, Keqing, whose job it is to take care of this kind of stuff, and she tasks you with handling it. Let’s get after it.

Head to the fireworks stand on the lower levels of the harbor, where you’ll find Keqing being super busy and outspoken about it, as if everyone in this game is constantly overworked, and has no idea what a 15-minute work break or a designated lunch break is in Teyvat. This conversation eventually results in your sudden acquisition of a fireworks launcher. Try really hard not to use it to set fire to anything after hearing about so many people’s problems in rapid succession.

Keqing seems to need that break, and Zhongli is the one to convince her.

Head to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, by I dunno, climbing up the stone wall next to you like an amateur rock climber with no regard for societal rules. Surprise, Zhongli isn’t there (in typical RPG fashion), and you’ll be told to keep fetch-questing your way over to Third-Round Knockout, where Zhongli, Hu Tao, and Xiangling are all having lunch. Crash their party of mundane dialogue unexpectedly, and interrupt them with Paimon’s rudeness to get them to ignore their meal and focus on you and your problems.

Zhongli, with the patience of a 6000-year-old saint, suggests that you effectively read Keqing a bedtime story to cheer her up, right before Keqing herself shows up again with more responsibilities to fetch-quest your way through. Not until tomorrow, though, because of reasons.

Head into the game’s menu, and use your fourth-wall-breaking powers of time travel to speed the world up to the next day after 8:00 AM, because forget everyone else’s lives, we’ve got a bedtime story to read to someone who has no clue how to work less. That’s for Part 2, though, which I’ll cover as soon as you’re ready in the next article.

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