Genshin Impact: Best 4-Star Characters For Spiral Abyss

Fans of the game know how important Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss is for their progress. The Spiral Abyss is a special type of Domain unlocked at Adventure Rank 20 located in Musk Reef. It can be accessed through the wormhole in the sky at the edge of Cape Oath.

The Spiral Abyss consists of two main parts: the Abyss Corridor (Floors 1-8) and the Abyssal Moon Spire (Floors 9-12). Players have to complete challenges offered by both these parts to earn Primogems and other rewards. It is so important that some players build and level their teams just to take on the Spiral Abyss, as it is really challenging and exciting.

In case you don’t have any 5-star characters, or you just want to have some fun and challenge yourself, you might want to use some 4-star characters. So, here we are suggesting to you the best 4-star characters who can get your job done!

#5 Fischl

Fischl is a very useful sub-DPS and supporting character on the battlefield thanks to her transferrable abilities, which allow her elemental skill to be transferred to other characters. This causes elemental reactions for a long period, allowing your team to stomp the enemies.

#4 Sucrose

Sucrose is an Anemo-type catalyst user and specializes in elemental mastery. Her ability to provide additional elemental mastery to the party members makes her one of the most useful characters in the Spiral Abyss. Her elemental skill and burst can both knock down enemies and gather them in one place, allowing your team to deal some significant damage to the opponents.

#3 Diona

With her powerful Cryo shields and fantastic healing abilities, Diona can be an amazing pick in the Spiral Abyss. This Cryo 4-star bow user is quite very popular among the fans for Spiral Abyss challenges. She can inflict some decent amount of damage to Abyss Lectors with her abilities and is very useful against these formidable foes. She can provide an elemental mastery buff to the whole party, resulting in stronger elemental reactions.

#2 Xinqqiu

Xingqiu has never been missing from the top lists in Genshin Impact, even when being compared to 5-star characters. He is a character who provides great damage and a tremendous amount of off-field support. Xingqiu had incredible Hydro application and synergies with many characters, hence making him very useful in the Spiral Abyss. He can constantly cause the Vaporize reaction to deal massive elemental damage to opponents.

#1 Bennett

Without any doubts, Bennett occupies the top spot as a 4-star Spiral Abyss pick owing to his exceptional utility, healing, buffs, and damage. He can also easily take down Abyss Lectors, making him an excellent choice for those challenging enemies. He can literally be used in any role, making him very useful and a must-have character on your team. Bennett can help the team achieve Pyro resonance, providing even more attack bonuses to the whole party. Even if you put him on a 5-star list, he would still rank near the top for Spiral Abyss challenges.

Other 4-star characters, such as Beidou Noelle, Barbara, and Xiangling, can also support certain characters Spiral Abyss very well but their viability can vary depending on team compositions. Based on this we recommend the following 4-star teams:

  • Beidou – Fischl – Sucrose – Diona
  • Fischl – Razor – Diona – Xingqiu
  • Yanfei – Bennett – Xingqiu – Sucrose
  • Ningguang – Xinqqiu – Diona – Bennett

It goes without saying that these characters are just what we recommend but you are free to choose and explore your own builds and let us know what worked for you in the Spiral Abyss.

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