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Yae Miko is arguably one of the most hotly anticipated characters in recent memory for Genshin Impact. After being revealed as the poster girl for version 2.5, speculation about Yae has been going wild.

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There are a few somewhat verified sources that have shown details of her kit. However, to spare you from potential spoilers (you likely know where to look if you want), I’m going to focus only on the reasonably known aspects of her kit; only in regards to what she should be able to do, rather than potentially fluctuating numbers.

With what we know so far, this should give you a reasonable idea of whether she may be right for you and your teams. Though, this may change leading up to her release.

(Potentially reliable, but not fully verified spoilers for Genshin Impact’s version 2.5 ahead!)

Sub-DPS Yae Miko?

Yae seems to be poised as a sub-DPS character who focuses on “off-field” damage. This means you would theoretically be bringing her out, using her ability or burst, then quickly switching her back out to control your main DPS carry unit (who is taking up most of the screen time).

Yae may be smug and a bit self-centered, but it seems that she also knows when to fade into the background well enough. This is unfortunate for those who were hoping that she would be seeing more time on the field. However, this is the direction where we are likely heading with Yae’s character. 

Screengrab Courtesy of Grunty Gaming via Youtube
The issue with this is that Genshin already has a gluttony of electro-based, off-field, sub-DPS characters.

Beidou and Fischl are both very prominently featured in this role already, as well as Raiden (when she’s at less than C2). To some degree, Lisa and the Traveler can also fill this role. Yet, as of now, Genshin seems to be starved of elementally-focused main DPS roles; Yae doesn’t seem to be able to fit in this much-needed space, either.

So what does Yae do that isn’t already available in the game? There’s little argument that Yae will likely fill that role better or more effectively, but is that really a gap that needs to be filled right now? For a highly anticipated character based on her cunning and intellect, you might think that Yae would surprise us with something new. 

Of course, Yae’s role may shift a bit prior to her release, so there is always room for hope. It seems though, at least for now, that Yae may be giving Beidou and Fischl some well-deserved rest on the taser and fireworks teams that have already relied heavily on them for so long.

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