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Elements are vital in Genshin’s fighting, and players should think about them before taking on a huge boss battle. Elemental Reactions are created by combining several Elemental kinds and dealing a lot of damage to the victim. When you use an Electro ability on a Hydro-affected enemy, for example, they become Electro-Charged and continue to deal Electro damage over time.

In the universe of Genshin Impact, boss encounters are a must-have for high-level gaming, especially if you’re playing with a friend. Even with a full squad of players, taking on these foes can be extremely challenging, and will necessitate a great deal of teamwork and planning prior to entering the arena. The most crucial thing that players can do before starting a boss fight with their pals is to figure out what Elements they’ll need.

Childe Elemental Counters

Element Hydro & Electro
Weakness Pyro and Cryo
Bring a character who can generate shields, such as Noelle or Diona.
Pyro and Cryo DPS for the elemental counter.
Ranged Healer

Lupus Boreas Elemental Counters

Element Cryo
Weakness Pyro, Electro, and Geo
To deal any damage to Lupus, characters like Pyro, Electro, and Geo will be required.
Characters like Cryo and Anemo can’t hurt this boss, but they can help.

Stormterror Dvalin Elemental Counters

Element Anemo
Weakness None
Pyro, Hydro, or Electro DPS characters with high burst damage can help bring down Dvalin’s shield
Players should bring a supporting character for healing
Ranged damage is the best against the Stormterror

La Signora Elemental Counters

Element Pyro and Cryo
Weakness Hydro, Cryo, and Pyro
Bringing a ranged fighter will be quite beneficial.
Don’t just rely on Pyro or Cryo DPS.
The fight will be made easier by healers and shield users.
Side note: Goulash is a wise eating choice.

Azhdaha Elemental Counters

Element Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro, or a mixture of two or more of these elements
Weakness None
Xiao is the ideal character to bring because she can do damage regardless of Azhdaha’s current phase.
Diluc, Hu Tao, Klee, and Ganyu are all in a close race for second place.

Geo Hypostasis Elemental Counters

Element Geo
Weakness Geo
Any Geo or Claymore-wielding character is recommended.

Anemo Hypostasis Elemental Counters

Element Anemo
Weakness None
After learning the attacks and figuring out how to dodge them, fighting this monster should be relatively simple.
This fight requires a fast-moving character.

Electro Hypostasis Elemental Counters

Element Electro
Weakness Pyro
Break pillars with a Geo character.
Avoid damage by learning strikes and dodges.

Cryo Hypostasis Elemental Counters

Element Cryo
Weakness Pyro
This cube is totally resistant to Cryo damage, but Pyro characters can melt it.
Before the battle, players should level up the Frostbearing Tree and manufacture a Genshin Impact Warming Bottle if they can.
In a battle, superconductivity is not a nice reaction to aim for.

Pyro Hypostasis Elemental Counters

Element Pyro
Weakness Hydro
Pyro Hypostasis is resistant to Pyro damage, therefore don’t use a Pyro DPS on it.
Hydro catalysts and bow users such as Barbara and Tartaglia are recommended since they can swiftly eliminate Hypostasis revival cubes.
For simple combat, you’ll need a Hydro character.

Hydro Hypostasis Elemental Counters

Element Hydro
Weakness besides Hydro (Cryo, Pyro, and Electro recommended)
Because the Hydro Hypostasis is resistant to Hydro damage, the player’s DPS should be elsewhere.
While any element other than Hydro can be used in this battle, Cryo, Pyro, and Electro are suggested due to their high-powered reactions.

Cryo Regisvines Elemental Counters

Element Cryo
Weakness Pyro
The ideal method to combat is to use ranged Pyro DPS heroes to aim for the jewel in its chest.

Pyro Regisvines Elemental Counters

Element Pyro
Weakness Hydro and Cryo
Pyro characters are of limited use in this battle.
Players should concentrate on the Reactions that Hydro and Cryo can provide.

Oceanid Elemental Counter

Element Hydro
Weakness Cryo, Pyro, Electro
For damaging flying Mimics, players will need at least one ranged DPS.
Elemental Reactions such as Electro-charges and Frozen will be crucial in this battle.

Maguu Kenki

Element None; Anemo or Cryo during the second phase
Weakness All elements besides Geo for Anemo. Pyro or Anemo for Cryo.
Because Maguu Kenki is a fast-paced melee fighter, players should avoid using a bow in this battle. Users of catalysts may be among the most effective weapon users.
Maguu Kenki’s elemental weakness will be determined by the element with which he is imbued. The majority of elements work against its Anemo form, although Cryo’s high damage reactions are relatively limited. It is strongly advised that you have a Pyro DPS.

Perpetual Mechanical Array

Element None
Weakness None
Players should bring a good healer to battle because the Perpetual Mechanical Array has excellent defense and attack. Move more in this battle than in others, therefore one with a quick burst heal, like Barbara and Jean, is recommended.
Players should be prepared to set up their own reactions because the Array has no unique weakness to the elements. A facilitator should be included in every team.
Bow users should avoid this boss fight because the arena is too small to build up charged shots.

Thunder Manifestation

Element Electro
Weakness Pyro, Anemo
Because the Thunder Manifestation is a flying boss, players will need at least one ranged DPS.
Because the Thunder Manifestation’s assaults are centered on movement, a fast-moving bow or catalyst user will be the most successful.
Overcharged and other elemental reactions with a higher individual focus will be the most effective; Hydro and Cryo reactions may be lackluster for some players.

Mythical Beast Primo Geovishap Elemental Counter

Element Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro
Weakness Depends on Elements
A shield character will be desired by players.
Players can see inside the creature’s lair as they approach it to discover what color its scales are. They’ll know what element the Primo will be based on this.

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