Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests via Youtube

One of the conditions for unlocking Enkanomiya is completing the Moon-Bathed Deep World Quest. Watatsumi missions are a collection of quests that must be done in order to unlock Enkanomiya. Throughout the adventure, players must collect Spirit Pearls at various spots in Inazuma.

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Tsuyuko will next offer you Watatsumi quests, some of which will be tougher than others to complete. The destruction of the Tail Seal is one of the most challenging components of the Tail of Watatsumi quest.

Break the Tail Seal

The Spirit Pearl, the final quest item required for the Watatsumi missions, may be collected from the shrine southeast of Bourou Village. When you get to the spot, you must first battle the Fatui foes in the area surrounding the shrine before reading the stone tablet.

Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests via Youtube

However, you must call an Electrogranum and light six stone lamps around the shrine to encounter Fatui foes. Before entering the shrine’s steps, there is a spot where you can summon an Electrogranum. The Tail Seal, which you must break, is kept in the shrine itself.

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The pillars/stone lamps going up to the shrine must then be turned on. This is accomplished by touching them before the electrogranum vanishes. After you’ve activated all of the pillars, you’ll have to confront the Fatui ambush. After that, return to the shrine to claim your reward and complete the Tail of Watatsumi.

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