Genshin Impact: Could Ayato Be the Best Hydro User Yet?

Ayato Kamisato will be the next playable character arriving in Genshin Impact, scheduled for Version 2.6. Players can begin enjoying this new 5-star Hydro addition as early as late April. The head of the Kamisato clan opens up unique playstyles thanks to his Elemental Burst.

Building Ayato

So should you put Ayato as your main DPS? If he is your first five-star, he’ll better serve you as your primary damage dealer. It’s because the statistics of five-star characters can help you progress through content much faster. If he’s not, he’s better off serving your team as a secondary DPS or a Support hybrid.

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The reason for this is his Elemental Burst. Once triggered, it creates a large area that deals with Hydro Damage and boosts allies’ Normal attacks. It also persists for 18 seconds, meaning that you can use continuous Hydro reactions with your other party members in that time.

The Best Weapons

The ideal weapon for Ayato would be his upcoming five-star weapon Haran Tsukishiro Futsu. It buffs your Critical Rate and increases Elemental damage. It synergizes well with his Wavespike attack after anyone uses Elemental skills. The Critical rate also helps if you want to build him more for his Normal attacks.

The secondary four-star option would be The Black Sword, while a budget 3-star option is the Harbinger of Dawn.


The best artifact combination for Ayato will be a combination of Energy Recharge and Hydro damage. The two set from Heart of Depth increases his Normal attack damage, further increasing your bonus from the Elemental Burst.

Couple it with the two-set bonus from Emblem of Severed Fate, and you’ll have enough energy to keep using your skills for Wavespikes.

Team Composition

  • Elemental reaction teams work very well with Ayato. You can opt to have a combination of reactions or focus on one instead. Cryo teams work well because of Freeze, while Pyro gives you lots of extra damage through Vaporize.
  • If you want to be a little thematic, you can partner him with Ayaka. Characters who can consistently trigger reactions or have Normal attack damage bonuses also work well.
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