Crystal Chunk is a necessary component of rare weapons and gadgets in Genshin Impact. They are usually found in caves or mines. Get them by using a Claymore weapon to dismantle crystal ore deposits!

Crystal Chunk Farm Route

Tevyat is full of crystal chunks, but Stormterror’s Layer and Qingyun Peak are two of the best places to farm them!

Stormterror’s Lair is by far the most beneficial o enter this region, which is part of the game’s storyline, you must have at least Adventure Rank 18.

The resource can be observed around the rim of the crater that surrounds the ruins. Many thanks to reddit user fallonreader for sharing this easy crystal chunk farm route!

How to collect?

  • You can collect this resource by using a strong weapon like Noelle’s heavy weapons or Jean’s charged attacks to get through them swiftly.
  • You can retrieve them after they’ve been broken and bring them back to a blacksmith for refinement.
  • Each shattered ores will drop 1-3 Crystal Chunks after a 72-hour respawn period. If you’ve gathered every Crystal Chunk in your world, you can farm with your mates in cooperative mode or join some other player’s world.

  • Sending other party members to the Adventurer’s Guild Resource Farm is a less efficient but useful technique of gathering Crystal Shards over time.
  • Gamers can send other characters to perform activities in return for incentives from the Mondstadt or Liyue offices. You may occasionally receive crystal fragments.

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