Crystal Cores are an important part of crafting in Genshin Impact. These Crystal Cores can be farmed from areas with Crystalflies. The Crystalflies may be an Anemo, Core, Electro, or a Gero Crystalfly. Whichever it is, players will obtain a Core when they catch them.

Crystal Cores can be used to craft many things in Genshin, such as the following items:

Condensed Resin Windbarrier Potion
Frostshield Potion Adepti Seeker’s Stove

Farming Crystal Cores is easier than one might think. A total of 169 Crystalflies are present in the world of Genshin Impact. To harvest Crystalflies, players will just need to the run-up to the Crystalfly and collect it.

Farming Crystalflies

  • Dawn Winery: In Mondstadt, Crystal Cores can be harvested from the Dawn Winery. In front of the mansion, Anemo Crystalflies are present among the rows of crops. The crops will act as a barrier to those trying to get away, so players should be able to collect them easily.
  • Tianheng: There is a small opening in Mt. Tianheng bove Liyue Harbor. TO enter the mountain, players will have to defeat some Hillichurls lurking around. Players will find five Geo Crystalflies here. Here again, the mountain will act as a barrier when they try to get away.
  • Guyun Stone Forest: When players teleport to the Forest, they will see Geo Crystalflies flying about at the entrance. However, there is nothing to stop them from escaping here. Players might not be able to catch a whole lot of them, but this is one of the most accessible locations.

  • Aocang: Players can teleport to the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern. Heading south, they will find Geo Crystalflies. Once again, there is nothing to stop them. Moreover, players might have to face some Geovishaps here.
  • Fort Hiraumi: After teleporting to the Fort, players will find two Electro Crystalflies if they head northwest. Heading further west toward Koseki Village, players will find more Crystalflies to harvest.
  • Windrise Statue of the Seven: When players teleport here, they will find themselves among a bunch of Anemo Crystalflies. A total of 5 Crystalflies can be found here.

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