Genshin Impact: Day 1 Moonchase Charm, All Location + Route

In Liyue Harbor, the Moonchase Festival has only just begun. By gathering Moonchase Charms and Mystmoon Chests, Genshin Impact players can now gain plenty of incentives! In this guide, we’ll talk about where to find Day 1’s Moonchase Charms!

Every one of the Moonchase Charms can be found in the Huaguang Stone Forest and the eastern portion of Mt. Hulao. You may also use the layout below to identify all Moonchase Charms!

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Moonchase Charms Location & Route

  • The opening missions for the Moonlight Merriment festival, starting with One for the Foodies, Two for the Show, must be completed first. You can then proceed with your quest for charms once the Path of Stalwart Stone is available.
  • The advancement tier in Path of Stalwart Stone increases as you gather more Moonchase Charms. You can receive Mora, weapon ascension mats, festival EXP, and the Luxurious Sea-Lord claymore depending on one‘s gathering progress.
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How To Collect

  • You gather Moonchase Charms similar to other obtainable items in the game. A few of the charms can be found on the pinnacles of the Huaguang Mountains, whilst some are found close to the water.
  • Some Moonchase Charms could also be floating in the air, so collecting them may be difficult. Try looking up if you can’t find the item pinned on the map.

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