Genshin Impact: Divine Bridle, How To Get

Genshin Impact 2.4 update has brought a lot of new things. The new region of Enkanomiya, a land deep underground where you can find brand new weapons, quests, and much more.

Are you guys wondering how to get the Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact? This article brings all details of how to get the Divine Bridle:

  • Divine Bridle is one of the rewards for completing the world quest Hyperion’s Dirge in the new Enkanomiya region. This item is required to continue Clymene’s quest, The Phaethons’ Syros.
  • So in order to achieve Divine Bridle, you will first need to talk to Aberaku, a spirit located around Enkanomiya.  Aberaku will give you the Divine Bridle after finishing the quest.

Hyperion’s Dirge World Quest

Before trying to complete this quest, gamers must obtain as many Key Sigils as possible. To summon Aberaku three times in three different spots, you’ll need 15 Key Sigils in total.

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Speak with Aberaku when he emerges as a vision. There will be three mini-trials. Gamers will acquire the Offerings needed to complete the quest after passing the trials:

  • Narrow Inquiries: Defeat Primordial Bathysmal Vishapsin less than 30s.
  • Serpent’s Heart Inquiries: Beat Abyss Mages in less than 60s.
  • Temple Inquiries: Vanquish the Rifthounds in less than 60s.
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Divine Bridle

  • Firstly Head to the waypoint west of Dainichi Mikoshi. Then jump to the bottom, under the Teleport Waypoint. This gate can be easily found with two torches in front of it. Light the torches using a Pyro character; the gate will open.
  • Go inside to find Aberaku and talk to him. Put the three Offerings on the three stone altars behind Aberaku. A Phase Gate will then appear in the middle of the room. Walk to the Phase Gate and you will ascend above the Dainichi Mikoshi temple.
  • Take the phase gate up and glide to Aberaku. Talking to him again will complete this world questline and reward you with the Divine Bridle.

We hope that the article will surely help you in getting Divine Bridle!

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