Genshin Impact: Dreams of Bloom Event Guide

Among all the exciting new things that update 2.2 has brought to the world of Genshin Impact are the Dreams of Bloom event. This event will allow players to redeem different objects such as Primogens, Mora, unique furnishings, and various other materials by planting Dreamblooms.

The story of the event is that of Sakuya, the in-game florist of Inazuma. She is looking to promote her venture, Sakuya’s Flowers. The event is a promotional activity for her shop.

In accordance with the story, Sakuya will be awarding players with special seeds when they provide her with her daily requests. Players can then use these seeds to grow three different types of ornamental flowers. For instance, the Dreamblooms, in Serenitea Pots in the fields of the Luxuriant Glebe.

The three types of Dreambloom seeds are Star Hibiscus Seed, Pearbell Seed, and the Silkpod Seed.

Each seed type can give players flowers in three different colors. They can be used to decorate their Serenitea Pots at the end of the event.


  • The colors that the flowers will take when they bloom are random. Therefore, players who want a certain color will have to obtain and grow as many plants. The Dreamblooms can be gifted to friends, or they can be used as furnishings.
  • In addition, when players complete the event, they will receive Sakuya’s Special Gardening Package where they can choose between three flower stands.
  • The players can decorate using the flowers and the vases as they wish, or they can be used to surprise friends with a colorful gift.
  • It is important to note that once the event is finished, the seeds will also disappear. Players must make sure that they participate in the mission if they want to obtain the seeds and the ornamental furnishings after they plant them.

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