Electro Crystals are regular material in Genshin Impact, but based on your status in the game, they may be difficult to locate and gather. We’ll show you how to shatter Electro Crystals and the best spots to discover them!

Best Locations

  • Cape Oath
    • One of the most well-known locations to obtain Electro Crystals is Cape Oath. Since there is a great deal of Electro Slimes, a strong breeze, and it’s close to the Electro Hypostasis, it will be easy to follow.

  • Stormterror’s Lair
    • Stormterror’s Lair is surely among the top sites for Electro Crystals. It can be tough to maintain your composure in this region, but since it is circular, simply continue following the ledge.

  • MiHoYo Official Interactive Map
    • No surprise, MiHoYo’s official map is the best way to know the exact Electro Crystal locations. CLICK HERE to access it!

How To Get Electro Crystals

  • Producing an Overloaded Reaction is the sole method to acquire Electro Crystals. Overloaded is prompted once the Pyro and Electro elements are combined, resulting in a massive AoE detonation.
  • Besides this, when there is a Pyro supply close to the Electro Crystals, you can use an an Anemo Swirl skill to initiate Overloaded.
  • So, if you ever come across a Hilichurl charging at you with a fiery club, and they coincidentally come across an Electro Crystal along the way, you’ll have a lot of fun!

  • Don’t get close to the crystals when you’ve discovered them, because the static charge of the stones will harm you in a specific diameter around it.
  • Electro Crystals are also known to lure electro slimes. If you want to farm these specific crystals, have 1 or more pyro characters to fight the slimes and gather the crystals.

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