Eula is a powerful DPS leader who divides her damage between Cryo and Physical, with a rapid and proficient physical attack that would be useful in places like the Spiral Abyss’ current 11th floor. That being said, you’ll want to make sure she’s properly equipped, so let’s start!

Song of Broken Pines
Base ATK: 49
Secondary: +4.5% Physical DMG Bonus
Ability: Rebel’s Banner Hymn
Skyward Pride
Base ATK: 48
Secondary: +8% Energy Recharge
Ability: Sky-ripping Dragon Spine
Wolf’s Gravestone
Base ATK: 46
Secondary: +10.8% ATK
Ability: Wolfish Tracker
Snow-tombed Starsilver
Base ATK: 44
Secondary: +7.5% Physical DMG Bonus
Ability: Frost Burial


Pale Flame Set
  • Stainless Bloom
  • Wise Doctor’s Pinion
  • Moment of Cessation
  • Surpassing Cup
  • Mocking Mask
2-Piece Bonus: +25% Physical DMG
4-Piece Bonus: +9% ATK (7s) when hitting an opponent with Elemental Skills.
Bloodstained Chivalry Set
  • Iron Mask
  • Chevalier’s Goblet
  • Final Hour
  • Black Plume
  • Flower of Iron
2-Piece Bonus: +25% Physical DMG
4-Piece Bonus: +50% Charged ATK DMG and reduced Stamina Cost to zero (10s)
Gladiator’s Finale Set
  • Triumphus
  • Intoxication
  • Longing
  • Destiny
  • Nostalgia
2-Piece Bonus: +18% ATK
4-Piece Bonus: +35% Normal ATK DMG when using a Claymore, Sword, or Polearm

Recommended Team

  • When it comes to protecting Eula, Diona is a great support option to get that Cryo elemental resonance, and Zhongli’s shield can’t be matched. A pyro character like Bennet or Xinyan can help out with support abilities and the periodic melt for added damage.
  • Because superconduct lowers Physical DMG  Resistance, it’s your best companion as a physical damage/Cryo user. This reaction can be triggered by the right team, and Eula can be kept safe by using other methods. Fischl is your best bet for the Electro part, but Lisa’s skill to spam electro damage could be useful.

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