Genshin Impact Eula, Shenhe – All You Need To Know

In the last few days, a lot has happened in Genshin Impact. Fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming days, from the release of the Moment of Bloom banner featuring Hu Tao to an exciting new Livestream.

The Livestream will demonstrate the various aspects of the 1.4 Update while also providing some rewards to the players. Players will receive codes that they can use to redeem rewards from miHoYo. In the midst of all of this, data miners have unearthed some fascinating new information.

5- Star Character: Eula

Dataminers discovered a brand-new character in the beta that had never been seen before. Eula is the name of the character who appeared in the data mined. According to Genshin Impact leaks, the character will wield a cryo claymore and be built as a physical DPS.

Claymore users are typically preferred as the primary damage-dealers in a party. Because Eula will be a claymore user, according to the Genshin Impact leaks, the character will most likely follow this trend.

Chongyun is the only cryo claymore user we have so far. Despite his mid-tier stats, Chongyun’s element and weapon pairings allowed him to work well with other characters. We don’t know how Eula will differ from Chongyun just yet, but there will undoubtedly be parallels.

According to the Genshin Impact leaks, Eula will not be released anytime soon because the character’s design is still in the early stages. Other characters could still be released ahead of her, especially since their development is further along than Eula’s.

New Shenhe insights, a cryo claymore user?

MiHoYo does an excellent job balancing the game by making each character as distinct as possible. However, the data mined for Eula will make it appear that future releases will have redundancies.

Shenhe, a cryo claymore user discovered in data leaks, will be rendered obsolete by Eula. As a result of the Genshin Impact leaks revealing Eula’s typing, questions about Shenhe’s future arose. Will Shenhe’s weapon be changed now that Eula is also a cryo claymore user?

The Baidu Tieba thinks so as well. According to reports, Shenhe’s weapon will most likely change to a polearm or catalyst. However, given the recent release of a slew of polearm users, including Zhongli, Hu Tao, and Xiao, they believe that Shenhe being a catalyst user is the most likely scenario. This does not rule out the possibility that Shenhe will still wield a claymore. We won’t know for sure until new leaks appear.

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