Genshin Impact: Everything we know about Sigewinne (so far)

Genshin Impact Everything we know about Sigewinne (so far)

Hello, Travelers! Gear up ’cause a hot new Hydro character named Sigewinne is rumored to be splashing onto the Genshin Impact scene in Version 4.7 (maybe June 2024). Leaks suggest she’s a healing powerhouse, and this guide will dive into everything we know so far (remember, these are leaks so the real deal might be a bit different).

Built to Heal

Sigewinne rocks a Hydro element and a trusty bow. Leaks hint she’ll be a dedicated healer, keeping your party topped off with HP while dishing out some Hydro damage to enemies.

  • Normal Attack: Sigewinne lets loose with three regular bow shots. Hold that attack button down, and she enters Aimed Shot mode, charging up Hydro energy. Releasing unleashes slow-moving Hydro bubbles at the target. A fully charged shot fires a Hydro-infused arrow for some serious Hydro damage.
  • Elemental Skill: Rebound Hydrotherapy – This is where the healing magic happens! Sigewinne throws out bouncing Bubblebalms that bop between enemies, dealing Hydro damage based on her max HP. Here’s the cool part: hitting an enemy heals your party (except Sigewinne) based on her HP, and after five bounces, the Bubblebalm bursts, healing Sigewinne herself. Talk about party favors!

Elemental Burst and Passives: Still Unknown

  • Leaks are a bit hush-hush about Sigewinne’s Elemental Burst, but rumors suggest it might create a field that constantly applies Hydro and heals party members within the area.
  • As for her passive talents and Constellation buffs, info is scarce, but expect potential perks like increased HP scaling for healing, bonus Hydro application, and sweet buffs to her healing and Hydro abilities based on her Constellation level (which goes up with duplicate character pulls).

Gearing Up Sigewinne

While we wait for the official release, here are some possible artifact and weapon combos to keep in mind:

  • Artifacts

    • Ocean-Hued Clam: Boosts healing based on HP, making Sigewinne’s heals even more epic.
    • Maiden’s Beloved: Another great healing option, with a set bonus that increases the healing the wearer receives.
    • Noblesse Oblige: This one buffs party ATK after using a Burst, potentially useful if Sigewinne’s Burst offers some offensive punch. 
  • Weapons:

    • Elegy for the End: This bow offers Energy Recharge and boosts Elemental Skill and Burst damage for the whole party, making it a well-rounded support option.
    • Favonius Warbow: This weapon has a chance to generate Elemental Orbs after a critical hit, potentially helping Sigewinne recharge her Burst faster.
    • The Stringless: This bow increases Elemental Mastery and Elemental Skill and Burst damage, making it a good choice for maximizing Hydro application and damage.

 Materials (Ascension & Talent)

Romaritime Flower Varunada Lazurite Equity
Water that Failed to Transcend Crystals Lightless Eye of the Maelstrom

Remember, this is all speculation based on leaks. The official release might reveal different details, so stay tuned to Genshin Impact‘s official channels for the confirmed info.

Teaming Up and Playstyle: Who Works Well with Sigewinne?

Sigewinne seems perfect for teams that need consistent Hydro application and healing. Consider pairing her with Electro users (for Electro-charged reactions) or Pyro users for some elemental teamwork awesomeness.

As a healer, Sigewinne’s playstyle will likely focus on staying alive, managing her cooldowns, and positioning herself to maximize the healing benefits for your entire team.

  • Main DPS

    • Fishcl, Beidou: Triggers Electro-charged reactions with Sigewinne’s Hydro application for sustained damage. Fischl and Beidou can function as off-field DPS while Sigewinne focuses on healing.
    • Ayaka, Cryo: Applies Cryo for Freeze reactions with Hydro, immobilizing enemies and increasing their vulnerability to physical damage. Synergizes well with Sigewinne’s healing for survivability.
  • Sub DPS

    • Xiangling: Triggers Vaporize reactions with Sigewinne’s Hydro application for high burst damage. Xiangling’s Elemental Burst can function off-field while Sigewinne heals.
    • Kaeya: Additional Cryo application for Freeze reactions and battery for Ayaka’s Burst.
  • Support

    • Sucrose: Groups enemies for easier application of Hydro and Electro/Pyro for elemental reactions. She can also provide crowd control and buff Elemental Mastery.
    • Diona: Provides shields for increased team survivability. She can also heal in a pinch if needed.

Sigewinne has the potential to be a game-changer for teams needing a reliable healer with Hydro application. Keep an eye out for her arrival in Version 4.7, and we’ll update this guide with more info as it becomes available!

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