Genshin Impact

There’s a lot to explore and discover in the newly released, highly popular, free-to-play MMO Genshin Impact. The game is a treat for completionists with gears to upgrade,  collectibles to find, etc. One of the most important types of collectible players can find scattered across the game’s humungous map is called Anemoculus.

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Players can offer these Anemoculus to the Statues of the Seven that they can find all over the map of Mondstadt, and as a result get some incredibly useful rewards such as Adventure EXP, Extra Stamina, Primogems, etc.

Now there are a total of 65 Anemoculus scattered across the world of Genshin Impact. Thankfully, a Japanese Youtuber named StarKShine has already mapped all of these in the game’s map and players could check the video to get some more insight.


The map is pretty self-explanatory as the stars represent each of the Anemoculus found in the various locales of the game. However, starting off serially is recommended because the early Anemoculus can be found very close to the city and are hard to miss.