Genshin Impact: Find and Light Up All Devices Easy Guide

Finding and lighting up all of the devices is a simple task to complete. All you have to do is board the ship which will transport you to the location. To know more, keep reading!

Glimmering Beacons

  • You must discover and light 3 devices on three different isles to complete this task.
  • You’ll need to board your Waverider and pursue Glimmering Beacons to accomplish this.
  • To trigger these Glimmering Beacons, you must get really near to them and locate them all in the correct sequence.

  • That is, you will not be able to activate the first Beacon before moving on to the third without first activating the second.
  • If you mess up one, the others will become dim and you won’t see them.
  • If you stray too far from your intended path, the game will reroute you to the previous Glimmering Beacon you encountered.
  • When they are brighter than the Beacons you’ve already triggered, it means that it’s a Glimmering Beacons that you haven’t cleared yet.

  • The ones you haven’t activated yet emit a pulsing light that can be seen even through the mist.
  • When you get close to a Beacon, you’ll see a message that says, “Glimmering Beacon activated. Please seek out the next beacon.” If you don’t see this notification, go back to the Beacon and trigger it again.

Follow this route guide

When you arrive on an island, look for the Teleport Waypoint device. When you unlock it, the fog that has engulfed the island will dissipate!

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