Genshin Impact: Fireworks Guide, How To Create & Smelt

The Fleeting Colors in Flight event introduces a new mechanic in Genshin Impact, allowing you to smelt pyrotechnics and make cool-looking fireworks!

To begin with, you must first unlock the event. You must have finished the most recent Archon Quest in Genshin Impact, which implies Inazuma. Complete the prerequisite mission to earn Affluence Talismans after the event has been available.

Launch Tube

The long-awaited Lantern Rite Festival from Genshin Impact has finally come in Liyue. This festival is with a slew of fresh and exciting limited-time events to try out. One specific occasion enlists the Traveler’s assistance in the production of fireworks for the annual celebrations. Also, you’ll need to get your hands on some sparkling new gadgetry, namely the Launch Tube.

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The Launch Tube can for manufacturing pyrotechnics and earning Affluence Talismans. This is during the duration of the Lantern Rite Festival. However, because it is a non-limited-time device, you will be able to modify your own fireworks and shoot them into the sky even after the event has concluded.

The Launch Tube is obtainable through participating in the Flameplume Starflowers event, which runs from January 25 to February 12.

Flameplume Starflowers

  • Simply utilize the gadget in your inventory to start the Flameplume Starflowers: Production Challenge. Next, start changing the quality of fireworks once you’ve obtained your own Launch Tube.
  • You’ll need to utilize a variety of smelting procedures to adjust the color, size, and height parameters of the firework to the perfect zone, raising its total Quality Rating.
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Each Production Challenge can be undertaken an unlimited number of times during the event. A higher rating will earn you extra goodies. Make the most of this opportunity to gather some valuable treasures, such as Primogems and fireworks, before the festival finishes.

Techniques and Effects

You’ll need to use specific smelting processes to make the ultimate firework. Only two techniques will be available at first, but if you accomplish the challenge’s Quality Rating goal, you’ll be able to unlock more. Each technique consumes a specific amount of endurance and smelting will stop once your stamina is empty.

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In addition to depleting your endurance, each time you perform a smelting technique, you will be consuming a piece of the Launch Tube’s Firepower Value, affecting the Launch Tube’s flame state. Smelting provides a mild and big increase to the parameter’s Quality Rating when the Firepower Value is Medium or Full Fire, respectively.

  • During each smelting effort, an effect known as Curious Efficacy may occur, in which the current parameter’s quality will automatically increase to be within the optimal zone when the next smelting technique is employed.
  • Smelting is a little difficult to master at first, but you’ll have approximately two and a half weeks to practice before the event concludes.

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