Genshin Impact: Fishing, All You Need To Know

The gaming world is buzzing with the confirmation announcement of new additions made to Genshin Impact 2.1 – the Fishing System. This system enables Travellers to cast their lines for catching fish in allotted areas of water.

The Fishing System

Genshin Impact offers three fishing rods. Each designated region has its own allotment of fishing rods that allows players to catch a maximum number of fish in that particular country. Here is the list of all the Genshin Impact 2.1 fishing rods and where players should use them:

Mondstadt Fishing Rod Windtangler
Liyue Fishing Rod Wishmaker
Inazuma Fishing Rod Narukawa Uzai

  • There is a huge possibility that more rods exist and that maybe simple re-skins of the basic ones. Participating in the Lunar Realm allows the player to earn the Moonstringer Rod.
  • First and foremost, aspiring fishermen need to consider their bait. Different types of bait will help the players to catch different kinds of fish. Moreover, different kinds of fish will be available at different locations. Hence, once the player has reached the spot of their liking, they should cast their fishing lines and should be careful so that they don’t scare the fish away.
  • Different kinds of fish will have their own difficulty level. Fishes caught will not only become ingredients for cooking but also act as tradeable for earning in-game rewards.  A new Fishing Association NPC will be located at various points on the map, it is here where players must trade their catches.

Ornamental Fish

There is one type of special fish in this game, namely the “Ornamental Fish.” This fish the players will be able to raise themselves. The Serenitea Pot housing system, in this game, has an additional furnishing which is the “Pool of Sapphire Grace”- a special pool that is equipped to house any ornamental fish which the players will catch. However, presently there are hardly any details available on whether the fishkeeping system accommodates the breeding of different ornamental fish.

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