Genshin Impact: Formation Estate Domain Guide, How To Unlock

Are you guys wondering how to unlock the new domain Formation Estate in Genshin Impact? Formation Estate is a new location inside the Inazuma Region. Inazuma is a Japanese-themed new area in Genshin Impact. It is a one-time domain that rewards players with 40 Primogems upon completing it. Here is the complete guide to unlock the Formation Estate.

How To Unlock

To unlock the Formation Estate domain, players need to light up four torches around a switch in front of the domain in Inazuma. But lighting up torches is not easy as you might be wondering. There is constant rain in the area so it is a very hard task to light up the torches. You have to play through the entirety of Orobashi’s Legacy questline in order to stop the rain.

Orobashi’s Legacy: Part 1 begins in the Fort Fujitou area.

There you need to talk to Kaji to start the quest. The first quest is easy, as you are required to collect two Quest Items: a Rock Pillar Warding Stone and a Rock Pillar Pearl for the Narukami Pillar. After completing the task, the player will complete the first Story Quest and gain the next part of the quest.

Orobashi’s Legacy: Part 2 starts after your visit is in Serpent’s Head.

You are required to Locate the Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Pearl and the Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Warding Stone and offer them to the Narukami Ward.

After completing the task, players can head to Jakotsu Mine to start the quest “Orobashi’s Legacy: Part 3”.

Players need to interact with the third Narukami Pillar to start the quest. There will be three puzzles that need to be solved to complete the third task.


  • Once players complete Part 3 of Orobashi’s Legacy, the weather around Yashiori Island in Genshin Impact will be clear. Now, you can now head to the Formation Estate location on the map. You will find a rock cube blocked by a ring of red runes.
  • You will need to find four braziers placed around the rock and light them to drop the shield. Interact with the cube to finally unlock the Formation Estate domain in Genshin Impact. We hope that the guide will help you to unlock the new domain.
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