Whether they be online or in-person pals, we all need friends right now. A helpful feature in Genshin Impact is the Friends option, which enables you to recruit more friends to assist you with bosses, domains, and daily missions using Friend Codes. Here’s a list of active Genshin Impact Players + Friend Codes this August 2022!

When you reach Adventure Rank 16, Multiplayer (Coop Mode) becomes available. From the Coop Mode UI Screen, you can select to either search for a specific UID shared by your buddies or join sessions of people who are randomly listed.

How to add Genshin Impact Friends?

  1. First, you must unlock the friends’ list section first. In order for you to do that, each player must simply reach Adventure Rank 16.
  2. You can find a UID and a series of numbers at the bottom of your screen.
    • You must either share this with a buddy or ask them to tell you their unique identification so you can add each other to the game.
    • If both of you are Level 16, you can send and accept friend requests from the Friend part of the Pause menu, and from there you can either invite them to your game or put them on your block list.
  3. Each traveler has their own 9-digit Friend Code.
  4. And simply input those codes into the Friends Section of the Pause menu.

What can you do during Multiplayer/Co-op?

  • It is advisable to concentrate on the major objectives until you reach Level 16, leaving the side tasks and global quests for co-op.
  • This is because the main missions cannot be performed in co-op at all. However, you can complete Domains and Bosses in co-op.
  • You’ll be able to play with your pals on any platform, regardless of what platform they’re on.


  • While multiplayer is present in Genshin Impact, it differs from most standard systems, as many players have discovered. Genshin Impact is primarily a single-player game, though players can team up with others occasionally. The multiplayer function can either be a huge assist or a complete waste of time for the user, depending on how they choose to use it.
  • New players might have downloaded the game specifically so they could play with their friends, only to discover that you can’t immediately access the feature. Adventure Rank 16 is REQUIRED for you to use (Genshin Impact Friend Code) this awesome feature. 
  • Participants can limit their game to only players who use the same console/system in order to make communication a little easier.

Genshin Impact Friend Code/UID – FORMAT

Feel free to add your Genshin Impact Code to the comments section below by using this format:

UID *********
MESSAGE (Optional) <3
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