Genshin Impact 2.2 joins the Halloween season with the addition of eerie ghosts around the new islands. Kina and Kito are two spirits related to Una. Let’s take a look at where to find them. As well as everything else you must do to finish this quest.

  • To start, you must finish all four Tsurumi Island World Quests. After that,  you’ll have the opportunity to encounter and speak with Una.
  • Una is on Tsurumi Island. Look for her East of Mt. Kanna / North of the Moshiri Ceremonial Site.

Important To Remember

  • When you interact with the ghost, she will perceive you for one of her grandchildren, Kina and Kito, and will offer you a few Sakura Blooms. For every new day that you interact with her, she will offer you more Sakura Blooms.
  • This quest is time-limited, it is presently not possible to complete it. However, you will be able to do so very soon, most likely within the coming days!

Kito & Kina Locations

Kito and Kina must be approached in 5 various spots, and you must deliver them Sakura Blooms for every encounter. You can use the marked map below as a guide.

Quest Rewards and Conclusion

  • When you complete the task for the 5th time, they will offer you the Kito’s Sachet quest item and also a Precious Chest.
  • Go back to Una and interact with her again. Hear her daily stories and wait until you are able to hand over Kito’s Sachet. You’ll have to sit tight until you’re able to deliver this Sachet to her because she’ll tell you new stuff every day.
  • Once you’ve given Kito’s Sachet, Una will then board the Boatman’s ship to go to the spiritual realm.

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