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Golden Wolflord will be a difficult battle if you don’t have a high-leveled Geo party member as it’s weak to Geo damage in its second phase. It’s almost as though MiHoYo is pressing us to want Gorou and Arataki Itto. With his flag bonuses for Geo party members and his ranged assaults, Gorou was supposed to annihilate the Golden Wolflord.


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The Golden Wolflord boss can be found in an arena to the island’s south. If you remember the Shadows of the Ancients event from Version 2.2, here was the arena where we had to confront the Anomalous Ruin Grader.

How To Defeat Golden Wolflord

Beam The Wolflord builds up a charge and launches a beam. You can dodge this, but it’s preferable to charge directly at the boss and make use of the opportunity to deliver some damage.
Spin Attack Simply evade the Wolflord when it rises high into the air with a swift tail lash.
Vortex This is a vortex attack similar to Anemo Hypostasis. During this time, you can’t hurt it, so just flee. The Wolflord will be paralyzed on the ground after this strike, so take advantage of the opportunity to deliver damage.
Wolf Heads Three explosive wolf heads will fire at you by the boss. When enemy missiles from the Ruin approach, simply avoid.
Snake The boss slithers its way around the arena before collapsing on its back. Avoid, then charge in to cause havoc.
  • The Golden Wolflord obtains a shield by summoning three wolf heads around the arena. To disable the wolf heads, you must give elemental damage to them.
  • They will periodically fire corrosive missiles at you, and the Wolflord will conduct AoE attacks while you are doing so. Now is the time to use your leveled Geo character.
  • Any Geo should be able to crush the wolf heads, but be careful: if one projectile strikes them, they’ll be destroyed.
  • Any non-Geo elemental damage will only have a minor effect on the heads. The boss will be stunned for a bit after you’ve defeated them, allowing you to deal damage and finish it off.

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