Players can take a break from the action and chat with some of the best Genshin Impact characters one-on-one. This is one of the game’s special features, that many fans can’t get enough of! Check out our guide to know more!

Hangout Events

You can enjoy Noelle, Barbara, Chongyun, and Bennett’s reunion events right now, with more anticipation in the long run.

To be able to access these Hangout Events, you must first complete the Genshin Impact story to reach Adventure Rank 26.

Then you’ll need two story keys to join in a character gathering event. To participate in a video hangout event with the four characters currently available, you’ll need 8 story keys.

You may wonder what these keys to the story are and how to obtain them; Don’t worry, we’ll tell you about it too.

Story Keys

These are collectibles that gamers can acquire throughout the game and are used to unlock a special chapter of the story in which you can interact with various characters.

Gaining these keys is a relatively simple task. The Story Quest feature is unlocked at Adventure Rank 26, and you can use it to obtain Story Keys. To get the keys, you must run eight errands per day.

You will be given a key once the eighth commission is finished. Go to the Story Quest Summary page to request a key. You can only have three story keys in your inventory at a time, so add them to your inventory now!

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