Genshin Impact: Heron’s Invitation Web Event Guide

MiHoYo has just released The Heron’s Invitation, a new Web Event for Genshin Impact that focuses on Kamisato Ayaka – here’s how to complete it for some awesome rewards!

How To Join

EVENT START: July 26 EVENT END: August 2
CLICK HERE to access the web event!

Here comes another clicker event!  Paimon and the traveler are eligible to visit the Shirasagi no Himegimi, Ayaka, at the Kamisato Estate. Their encounter takes place in a very unique manner than it does in the game. Don’t overthink it! Web Events are easily meant to be entertaining and to showcase various forms of encounters between the characters. To obtain free Primogems, of course.

Heron’s Invitation

  • You’ll be on a homepage reflecting Inazuma City, after that discussion of the situation. Simply tap on every one of the stores and purchase items for Ayaka as presents.
  • You could also interact with the shoppers of every store, though it’s uncertain how this will change the dynamics of the web event at this point on day one.

After you’ve clicked on everybody and purchased whatever you can, a new feature, the Kamisato Estate, will show up in the lower right corner of the map. To encounter Kamisato Ayaka and offer her the presents you’ve purchased, simply select it. You’ll gain access to the event’s prizes, including Primogems!


Ayaka is the daughter of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan and is the Shirasagi Himegimi in Inazuma. She will then appear in the story after players reach the Archon Quest in Chapter 2 and would be introduced as a kind-hearted woman devoted to her people.

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