Boss battles are always entertaining. Genshin Impact has quite a few boss battles. Recently, the game received a new monster named Fellflower. This giant boss is a Cryo Whopperflower boss and is part of the second phase of the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event. The Traveler has to face Fellflower, along with allies such as Eula, Amber, Albedo, Bennett, and Paimon.


Fellflower has a shield just like other bosses. Players must first break this shield to make their attacks more efficient. An important thing that players must note is that Fellflower is not easily damaged by Pyro attacks despite being a Cryo boss. Players will have to target the Arcane fruits that Fellflower uses. Fellflower will summon three Arcane fruits mid-air when the battle begins. Players will need to destroy each of them to destroy 1/3rd of its Shield.


  • The first fruit will be used by the boss to do a slam attack. The fruit will teleport above the characters and drop down on them. Players should employ an Archer to damage the fruit while attempting to dodge its attacks. This fruit will have a low HP, so a low-level Archer/Catalyst user can break it.
Screengrab Courtesy of Spider

Three Arcane’s Essence will spawn on the ground once the fruit is destroyed. Players must quickly pick these up. Otherwise, the Fellflower will consume it and the Shield will be regenerated. It should also be noted that picking up the Essence will reduce characters’ HP. Therefore, players should have a Healer in their battle team.

  • The second fruit will be floating in the air. An Archer/Catalyst user is best suited to attack this fruit. The boss will keep throwing snowballs at the players at this stage. Once this fruit is destroyed, the Fellflower will be stunned for some time. Arcane’ Essence appears once again, which players should claim.
  • The last fruit will stay on the ground. It will summon four Cryo slimes near it. The main DPS unit is recommended to defeat the slimes and the fruit.


Once the fruits have been destroyed, Fellflower will shrink. This marks the second part of the battle. Players must employ their heavy artillery to deal the most damage. The boss will use three attacks at this stage, which can still be significant in battle.

  • Burrow: The Fellflower will go underground before coming back up
  • Flower Turret: The Bulb will follow players shooting projectiles at them
  • Snowball Throw: A continuous line of snowballs is thrown at players.

Players must swiftly dodge the attacks and defeat the Fellflower. Players will then be able to participate in the Rise of the Fell Flower challenge. They can acquire Vanquisher’s Emblems if they complete certain challenges after defeating the Fellflower.

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