In Genshin Impact, you’ll need Mini Harpastum to get Dodoco Tales. You can access the “Harpastum Bombs Loaded… Blow ‘Em Away!” challenge once you’ve completed the Fourth Act of the Midsummer Island Adventure. When you’ve collected enough Mini Harpastum, you can trade them in for the Dodoco Tales. This, as we’ll see, makes for an exceptional weapon for Klee!

Mini Harpastum

You can finish the “Harpastum Bombs Loaded… Blow ‘Em Away!” quest to get a handful of Mini Harpastum. Check out the mission details below.

Clear out 3/6/9 monster camps.
Use Straight Shooter to beat 2x enemies twice in a single challenge.
Next, Use Floaty Splodies to beat 3x enemies twice in a single challenge.
Use Floaty Splodies to beat 3x enemies four times in a single challenge.

Each time you clear out a monster camp and accomplish a task mentioned above, you will receive 300 Mini Harpastum.

A Dodoco symbol indicates where these monster camps are. When you arrive at one of these spots, equip the Harpastum Bombs before using your Wind-Blessed Harpastum as usual. So, equip it, aim it, and then toss it at your foes. Please keep in mind that you’ll only use these explosives in these challenges; they can’t be used anywhere else.

Dodoco Tales

  • You’ll be able to purchase the Dodoco Tales from the event shop once you’ve accumulated sufficient Mini Harpastum. It will cost you 800 Mini Harpastum.
  • After you’ve purchased this book, you’ll be able to improve it with Fragments of Innocence. These fragments are 500 Mini Harpastum each.
  • If you purchase all four, you will be able to refine Dodoco Tales to Level 5. The Dodoco Tales, as stated earlier, is a fantastic Klee weapon.  Her bomb strikes will be even more powerful now that she has this best free-to-play weapon!

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