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Oathsworn Eye is a new 4-Star Catalyst that can be obtained for free in Genshin Impact Version 2.5. Adventurers may start grinding for materials and the weapon’s stats and ascension components are now available for players to check.

Oathsworn Eye

With the sub-stat at Refinement Rank 1, the Oathsworn Eye delivers 565 Base ATK and 27.6% ATK. at level 90. The passive ability at R1 boosts Energy Recharge by 24 percent for 10 seconds after activating the Elemental Skill.

The Base ATK and ATK percent bonus stay the same at Refinement Rank 5 and Lv. 90, but the passive enhances Energy Recharge by 48 percent for 10 seconds after activating an Elemental Skill. According to sources, Yae Miko’s Elemental Burst costs 90 Energy, and she certainly requires a lot of Energy Recharge to be more efficient. As a result, she might benefit from the next free weapon. Other four-star weapons, such as Widsith, appear to be ideal for increased damage.

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How To Get

Enkanomiya is the setting for the event. It’s most likely to begin on Watatsumi Island, where Kokomi will request assistance with what’s going on.

Three Realms Gateway Offering Guide & Rewards

  • The Bokuso Box, a new device, will be the focus of the event. To disperse the darkness in Enkanomiya, you can expend a set quantity of energy from the Box. To replenish the energy, return to Dainichi Mikoshi.
  • Light Realm Sigils is the Bokuso Box upgrade material. It will be presented to a shrine, however, the method of collection is currently unclear. To disperse the darkness in Enkanomiya, players will need to acquire a number of Tokoyo Legumes and Apotium Ore.


  • The Oathsworn Eye is one of the quest’s rewards. Refinement Materials for the weapon will be available as well.
  • When you complete the Event, you will receive a variety of Primogems, Level Up Materials, Mora, and more. The quantity of incentives available to gamers is still unknown.
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