Genshin 2.0 introduces five additional weapons and several gamers may wish to obtain the blueprints for each of them. The Hamayumi bow blueprint has proven as being the most intriguing!  Even so, gamers have already figured out exactly how to get the Inazuma bow formula. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Where To Start

  • To start, gamers seeking the Hamayumi blueprint must travel to the Teleport Waypoint in northwest Tatarasuna.
  • Then, head northeast from here to the small spit of land that protrudes out into the water.
  • You must then search the shoreline for any shimmering areas that you can engage with to obtain Mysterious Conches.

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  • Next, travel to the neighboring shack and talk with an NPC called Takashi upon acquiring three of such Mysterious Conches.
  • You must then give the shells in exchange for the chance to unlock one of the hut’s Common Chests, which includes the blueprint for the Hamayumi bow.
  • An important reminder! The loot from Common Chests is completely random, so don’t expect to get the blueprint in one go. Well, unless the Genshin gods bless you with such luck of course!
  • You can repeat the steps of obtaining Mysterious Conches every day because, luckily, they will respawn!

It’s thought that Inazuma’s Hamayumi bow blueprint could only be acquired after seven Mysterious Conches have been turned in. While it’s plausible that some variability exists, allowing a gamer to obtain the blueprint prior to opening the 7th chest, it would seem that the chances are massively enhanced once you reach that number!

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