Genshin Impact How To Solve Araumi Electric Cube Puzzle

Are you facing problems in solving the Araumi Electric Cube Puzzle in Genshin Impact? Well, don’t worry as we are here to help you with anything you face difficulty in. Fans know that the Electric Cube device in Araumi needs to be unlocked with three electro puzzles and that it is not an easy job to solve them.

About The Electro Puzzles

Inazuma was recently introduced in the game’s biggest update yet and it consists of various new characters, quests, locations, and much more. One such thing players would come across in Inazuma is the Electro Puzzle in the Araumi area. Araumi is located in Inazuma’s easternmost island named Narukami Island. There are three such puzzles in the region and they can be a little hard to find. So, here’s how you can find these puzzles in Araumi:

  • The first puzzle can be found in the southern part of Araumi.
  • For the second puzzle to appear players would need the Memento lens.
  • After completing these two, the third puzzle would appear!

Solution – First Puzzle

Now let’s drive straight into how to solve the first puzzle after finding it. To solve the puzzle just follow the given steps:

  1. Find a locked Cube Device near a large Sakura Tree, which has an Electro pillar next to it.
  2. Hit the Electro pillar with an Electro character to light up a part of the Cube Device.
  3. Head slightly to the west to come across another Electro pillar, but this one will have a puzzle that you need to solve.
  4. You now have to rotate all the boxes until all five of them are lit up.
  5. Hit the boxes in “1-2-2-1” order to solve the puzzle.
  6. Hit the central pillar to light up another portion of the Cube Device.

Solution – Second Puzzle

The Cube device which appears at the end of the first puzzle needs the second and third puzzles to be solved as well. Only then would it unlock. So, to find and solve the second puzzle do the following:

  1. Before we begin, you first need to have the Memento lens. In case you don’t have it yet, you need to first obtain it from the Sacred Sakura Cleaning Ritual Quest Chain.
  2. Head north just a few feet from the Cube Device and look for a round structure that leads underground.
  3. Jump into the tunnel and fall to the bottom.
  4. Find three Earth Kitsune Statues and go through them one by one, using the Memento Lens.
  5. Some buttons will appear behind the statues when you use the lens, and you need to interact with them.
  6. The floor will open up and you will land into the underground part of Araumi.
  7. You’ll see an electro barrier when you look South, a Shrine order puzzle towards North, and an Electro Puzzle to your Southwest.
  8. Solve the Electro puzzle by hitting the boxes in “4-4-1-1” order and a precious chest will emerge.

Solution – Third Puzzle

Now you just need to find and solve the third and final puzzle in order to unlock the cube. To do this, follow the given steps:

  1. Stay near the Precious Chest that appeared after the end of the second puzzle.
  2. Look away from the chest and you’ll find a hole in the ground that leads to the water.
  3. Jump straight into the hole and swim south.
  4. Take the first left and swim west past the Electro Barrier towards your right.
  5. Keep swimming straight and go up the flight of stairs with a Cube Device on top.
  6. Look opposite from the gate and you’ll see the third puzzle.
  7. Hit the center box in “3-3” order and a precious chest will appear.

And bam, the puzzles are complete and now when you’ll head back to the Overground waypoint, you’ll see that the electric cube is now totally unlocked. Interact with it and move forward with the game!

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