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In this article, we will discuss the In The Mountains Quest in Genshin Impact. Best of luck! Speak with Iris in the Adventurer’s Camp, which is just outside of Dragonspine, to begin the assignment. She’ll tell the player about some strange ice. The next step is to look into the odd ice that has formed in the mountains.

Genshin Impact: In The Mountains

Strange Ice

  • To discover the Strange Ice, follow the quest sign. Right next to it is a teleport waypoint. Players will immediately notice that attacking the ice will not break it and that it cannot be melted with fire.
  • Four Scarlet Quartzes, red mining spots that resemble Cor Lapis, can be found in the surrounding locations. To breach the ice, players must gather each Scarlet Quartz and return to the odd ice one at a time.
  • Players can do ice damage if they are equipped with one of these items. When you break it, you’ll gain access to the Frostbearing Tree, which is yet another great way for players to earn rewards.
Screengrab Courtesy of Gamers Heroes via Youtube

Thaw Shards

  • Paimon will instruct the player to climb the mountain in order to track down the object that flew away, but they will soon be blocked by a frigid wind.
  • As the Traveler returns down the mountain, Iris will advise him that there are two additional chunks of Strange Ice on the mountain, which he must seek out and thaw in the same manner as the first. “Thaw all the Shards Out” becomes the next quest objective.

Starglow Cavern

  • Go to Starglow Cavern, which is marked on the map, and descend to the absolute bottom. There is another crystal here, but it is blocked by a barrier. Players must finish the neighboring task in order to break through the barrier.
  • This encounter is extremely difficult, as players will frequently become frozen. Consider taking a Pyro character like Klee, Amber, or Diluc along and returning the three Pyro Seelies in the area to their pedestals before beginning the fight to make things easier.
  • The first Seelie is easy to spot, but the other two are well camouflaged. Find the other two by going around the back of the ice. The first is down a long corridor, while the second is hidden behind a mound of breakable rocks.
  • After you’ve completed the task, acquire four more Scarlet Quartz and break the ice the same way you did previously. Players can only carry one Scarlet Quartz at a time. The first two are in clear sight in front of the ice, while the latter two are in the same spots as the Pyro Seelies.
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Wyrmrest Valley

  • The final piece of odd ice can be found at the absolute bottom of Wyrmrest Valley. A Pyro Seelie will show players the order in which they must activate the five Cryo sculptures in the region.
  • Keep a watchful eye on the Seelie and then trail them with a Cryo character like Qiqi or Kaeya. When all of these are activated, a chest will appear, as well as combat with some Ruin Guards. With the odd ice, you can beat them down into the cavern below.
  • Scarlet Quartz needs to be gathered. The first is close to where the player landed, while the second is on the opposite side of the field.
  • The third Scarlet Quartz is linked to Pyro Seelies once more, and it sits in front of the Ruin Guard, to the right of the strange ice. Go to the barrier on the opposite side of the cavern to make two additional Pyro Seelies, then guide them back to get the final piece of Scarlet Quartz.
  • The fog will clear, and players will be able to reach the summit of the mountain. Unfortunately, they’ll have to thaw all of the shards out all over again, but this time it’ll be considerably faster. On top of this mountain, there are three crystals, yet each one only needs to be hit once to break.
  • Players must collect a Scarlet Quartz, perform acrobatics to reach the crystal, break it, and then climb back up the mountain. Repeat this process three times until a cutscene appears. Here, freezing can be a major problem, but Scarlet Quartz protects you from the Sheer Cold.

Talk to Iris

  • Return to the Adventurer’s Camp and chat with Iris. She will give 3 Hero’s Wit, 60 Primogems, 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 30,000 Mora to players that complete the mission. The entire mountain is now accessible to players, and they can explore it without being hindered by the wind.
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