Genshin Impact: Is Arataki Itto Worth It?

Arataki Itto’s arrival will cause havoc in the game’s meta, as the importance of Geo-centric teams will begin to rise. Let’s go over why Itto is a worthwhile pull for you, and why it’s not for some in this article.


  • When his Elemental Burst is engaged, Arataki Itto is a character that specializes in unleashing tremendous Geo damage. With the exception of Noelle, he thrives at the primary DPS gameplay, which has been unseen in the Geo pool.
  • Itto and Noelle are both claymore practitioners with ATK-boosting talents that scale off of Defense, and their skill sets are remarkably similar. Itto, on the other hand, does not suffer from Noelle’s issues with energy sustain and damage scaling.
  • Other Geo supports, such as Gorou and Albedo, help him a lot, making the Mono Geo setup more viable in the current meta.
Screengrab Courtesy of Gacha Gamer


  • His damage output is strong, but his strikes are slow. He loves to have as many Geo allies as possible, thus he’s not very friendly to newcomers.
  • The design of Arataki Itto is interesting and different from others, but collecting all of the characters isn’t recommended, especially if you’re a no-spend free-to-play player. As a result, we hope that this article aids you in making a decision for the future patch.
  • Through the Oni’s Royale Character Event Wish Banner in Genshin Impact version 2.3, Arataki Itto makes his debut. From December 14, 2021, until January 4, 2022, that banner will be visible. That’s a long time for individuals who wish to save up for a C6 Itto by collecting Primogems.

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