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Among Genshin Impact’s various quests, “Is this Novel Amazing” rewards travelers with free Primogems upon successful completion. Junkichi, a promising author, and Shigeru, an editor from the Yae Publishing House will greet you at Hanamizaka in Inazuma City. To finish this quest, you must inspire Junkichi by selecting the right responses. So let’s go over this quest!

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To unlock This Novel… Seems Familiar? You need to side with Shigeru’s opinion throughout “Is This Novel Amazing?”. Doing so will open up the Daily Commission’s questline, which will continue the next time you receive a Commission from the two (usually the day after).

Is This Novel Amazing?

Talk to Junkichi and Shigeru to get the Commission. As mentioned, you simply need to pick the correct responses. Following a brief discussion, you will learn that Junkichi missed his deadline for the latest novel Onibudo because he is stuck at a vital point in the plot and suffers from writer’s block. This is also why he requires some motivation to finish his manuscript.

Shigeru “No further delays! Got it?”
Junkichi “Okay, okay, I got it.”
“Phew. I guess I can’t put it off this time.”
ANSWER “Let’s go get some material.”
Junkichi “In the chapter, I’m working on, the main character is trying to sell the items he collected during his adventure.”

You’ll be asked to take a trip to Tsukomomona Groceries by Junkichi as soon as this discussion is over. Junkichi will consult with you on the novel’s lead once he arrives at the area. ANSWER: “You can’t suddenly add traits to the character.”

Junkichi “But if I write like this, I’ll have to spend time describing psychology. It doesn’t fit the theme.”
“Why don’t I just make the main character a psychic that can intuit the needs of the buyer?”
ANSWER You can’t suddenly add traits to the character!”
Junkichi “It’s character development. It’s okay. Don’t worry.”
“Well, there we have it, then! I know what to write!”
“Traveler, let’s go back. I’m going to tell Shigeru about my idea.”

Quest Completion

Shigeru will ask about Junkichi’s new concept after a short clip, and you can choose one of the choices to progress. (Your choice won’t affect the outcome.) It’s time to encourage the author. ANSWER: “Actually, Junkichi’s idea isn’t bad.”

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