Genshin Impact Jakotsu Mine Puzzle Guide

With the introduction of Inazuma, a lot of new quests, characters, and regions have been added in Genshin Impact. Players are facing some difficulties in coping up with so many additions and changes, but you have nothing to worry as we have it all covered. One such thing where fans are struggling is the Jakotsu Mine puzzle, so in this guide we’ll be informing you about the best ways to crack it.

The Jakotsu Mind Puzzle

You probably know that in order to complete the Orobashi’s Legacy Part III quest, you have to solve a Sacred Stone Puzzle. This is called the Jakotsu Mine Puzzle and it may prove to be a bit tricky to some of the fans. It is also one of the longest puzzles in Genshin Impact and takes a lot of time and effort to solve. But to move forward with the quest you will have to solve it and destroy the barrier keeping you from progressing into the depths of the mine.

Only after that, you’ll be able to return for the completion of the Orobashi’s Legacy quest. It might prove to be a bit easy for fans who know how to solve another sacred stone puzzle. Those who are facing difficulties just read the following section.

Here’s How It’s Done

To solve the Jakotsu Mine Puzzle and move forward with the quest, just follow the given steps:

  1. Turn the Sacred Stone Mound to the right. It will fire at the Thunderbearer Mirror near the Electro Treasure Compass.
  2. Now adjust the Thunderbearer Mirror downwards. This will make it fire down into the mine at a nearby mirror on a wooden platform.
  3. Next, aim the Thunderbearer Mirror on the wooden platform to the right, and then lower the elevation. This will make it shoot downwards onto the nearby mirror.
  4. Head to this mirror that is perched near two boxes. Rotate it until it is facing forward but angled to the right.
  5. Ensure that it is not too far right, or it will end up hitting the wall
  6. You’ll find a mirror right near the barrier. This will be the last mirror that you need to adjust.
  7. Turn it until it is facing right at the barrier, and then angle it downwards. This will make the electro blast reflect into the barrier and destroy it.
  8. Strike the Sacred Stone Mound and let the mayhem begin!

That’s it. As soon as the electro blast destroys the barrier, you’ll know that the puzzle is correct. Now you can move forward with the Orobashi Legacy quest and explore the Jakotsu Mine.

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