Genshin Impact Jueyun Chili Location and Where To Find Guide

There is an absolute consignment of different collectibles at Genshin Impact. Almost everything you do in the game requires some kind of resource, currency, or special item. This includes the process of promoting different characters, which in Xiangling’s case requires some kind of spicy ingredient. Here’s where to find Jueyun Chili on Genshin Impact.

Location and Farm Route

As mentioned above, the main reason for collecting Jueyun Chili is to ride Xiangling. To continue progressing beyond 20, each character needs a combination of different Ascension items and materials.

It’s no surprise that Xiangling’s Ascension requires an exotic ingredient, given her passion for cooking. To find Jueyun Chilis, you will have to travel to the desert in the southern part of Tevyat, known as Liyue.

You will have to climb a bit to venture around the town of Qingce. You can find a few chilis near the Stone Gate, but also in the Hulao and Aozang Mountains, among which is the Huaguang Stone Forest.

Since the collection points are close to each other, it is very easy to make a route to collect as many chilis as you need.

What is Jueyun Chili used for?

This plant has many virtues and uses. Particularly, for the promotion of Xiangling.

Also widely used in the kitchen and found in many recipes:

  • Blackback Perch Stew that restores 26/28/30% maximum health and regenerates 450/620/790 health every 5 seconds for 30 seconds for all team members.
  • Jade Roll increases all team member’s Attacks by 224/272/320 and Critical Chance by 6/8/10% for 300s.
  • Chingtsé Sauteed increase the attack of all characters on the team from 160 to 228 points for 300 seconds (multiplayer only).
  • Rocky Chicken raises the critical of all characters on the team by 6% to 12% for 300 seconds (multiplayer only).

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