The riveting conclusion to the Lantern Rite Flameplume Starflower Technicolor Dreamcoat quest is here! Will Keqing finally get her bedtime story? How many cameo appearances from gacha characters with two whole dialogue lines will show up? Will we be sent on any more grueling fetch quests? Find out in our last guide to this festival questline!

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Time Skip

By hurrying up and waiting, that is, because the first task is to time-skip, anime style, to 8 AM from whatever day you’re on (even though it’s already been at least one real-life day since the quest was available). Always remember to use your time traveling powers for good, not just winning the lottery and using the Mora to fund your dreams of a fantasy rock opera with Xinyan, Venti, and Yun Jin.

  • Our morning chores task us with finding Keqing again, this time in the middle of Qingce Village. Head over the bridge near the waterwheel to find Keqing speaking with Xingqiu, who apparently has nothing much to say (shocking!), and he just lets Keqing work out where the bad guys are on her own.
  • Very helpful for a boy with too many books, but not enough pants. Next, do your best paper airplane impression and glide down the mountainside to the West. There, you’ll find the bandits leaving the fireworks stash right out in the open, only a walking distance from the village, like idiots.
  • Do your best to send them packing, but honestly, they’re pushovers. Keqing interrogates them to find out that the fireworks were a distraction for more nefarious purposes during the festival, so round them up and head back to Qingce Village. 

At the waypoint, you’ll find Chongyun and Xingqiu speaking with the local guard by a cart of fireworks. After a dull conversation about responsibilities and stuff, a sudden firework goes off in the distance!

There’s trouble afoot!

A short trek up the hill reveals the problem, but it’s not much, since the stakes are never very high in this game’s story. Keqing just made a boo-boo, that’s all. She tells us to meet her later, as she’s off to business some more business things. Paimon actually mentions how repetitive this seems, but just getting out in front of the problem is no excuse for lazy plot writing, Mihoyo. I see what you did there. 

Anyway, back to Third-Round Knockout (the cafe) in Liyue Harbor, where Zhongli is talking to the opera girl with the nasally vocal chops and the funny hat. Zhongli helps Paimon hyperactively come up with a story based on everything that’s happened so far, but I won’t spoil it for you here.

You’ll have to skip through all the tedious dialogue prompts on your own. Before you know it (not really, it’s a lot of dialogue), Zhongli’s using the word “adroit” in a sentence, and you’re off to find Keqing again. There better be a bedtime story in here somewhere, and soon.

Turns out there is, and even if Paimon delivers it poorly, Keqing does feel what it signifies, and she pours her heart out, if only for a short break. As for the rest of the fireworks show that follows, you’ll just have to see it for yourself, though it’s quite a beautiful sight to behold. 

Happy Lantern Rite, everyone!

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