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Finishing the Lingju Pass geo puzzle will net you a large sum of Mora as well as some highly useful Primogems. Primogems are extremely valuable in Genshin Impact because they allow players to purchase Wishes when they don’t have enough Intertwined Fates.

Wishes can be spent to purchase various objects such as equipment or characters, which can then be applied to various Geo-puzzles as needed. Players may not have the appropriate characters for all of the puzzles when they arrive, thus collecting Wishes and Primogems will be critical to their success.

Screengrab Courtesy of ZaFrostPet via YouTube

Four Geo-Torches

A character with fire, wind, or earth-based powers is required to solve the Lingju Pass problem. There are two parts to this problem. The first phase demands the activation of four Geo-torches, followed by the activation of five Geo-pillars in the second phase.

When both puzzle components are done, a circle with Geo-symbols on the ground level reveals a chest among the four torches.

Next to the Geo-circle is the first torch. The second torch will be at the summit of the South West mountain’s ruins. The third torch is to the west of the first at the stairwell’s summit. Continue along the path inside the ruins from the third torch. The torch, which is centered by a tree and sits above the lake, is reached through the trail.

The Geo-circle will light up the four corner spots after each torch has been lit, signaling that the adventurers are ready to go to the next step.

Five Pillars

Take the path from the Geo-circle to the northeast side of the Geo-circle, where the first pillar is located. Before getting to the tree, keep going northeast across the lake to the second one. On the northeastern side of the lake, the third pillar will be on a small island. Four-leaf clover in the shape of a pinwheel will emerge from the earth. To get the tower to rise from the water, use the Anemo power and make it spin.

Screengrab Courtesy of ZaFrostPet via YouTube

Use an earth power to activate the stone once the pillar has appeared. Because the event has a timer, players must act quickly to hit the pinwheel and begin the pillar.

On the opposite side of the lake from the third pillar is the fourth pillar. At this point, players must ignite two circular discs at the same time, however, one will deactivate if they stand on the other.

Screengrab Courtesy of ZaFrostPet via YouTube

A character with a special skill with a weight component, such as Starfell Sword, can finish this. Activating the first four pillars will make the final pillar appear. A wind gust will arise in the middle of the lake when the four pillars are active, helping you to identify the last pillar.

Screengrab Courtesy of ZaFrostPet via YouTube

Ascend one of the lake’s stalagmites to the top. By leaping into the wind gust, you can reach a floating section containing the final pillar. Return to the Geo-circle where you began to take the chest and complete the puzzle after activating the pillar.

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