Genshin Impact: Lost Valley Domain, How To Unlock

Genshin Impact - Lost Valley Front

Genshin Impact 2.6 added a new artifact domain along with The Chasm’s release. The Lost Valley domain is great for Travelers farming artifacts for Kamisato Ayato. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to unlock Genshin Impact’s newest domain, The Lost Valley.

The Lost Valley Domain location

After lighting up the map for The Chasm, you can immediately find The Lost Valley domain on your map. It is located near Fuao Vale. However, you can’t immediately access this domain, unlike other ones. To unlock this domain, you need to finish a puzzle first.

Genshin Impact - Lost Valley Map

How to unlock The Lost Valley Domain

Genshin Impact - Lost Valley Stone Map

Make your way to the location pictured above. There, you will find a stone pressure plate. But you have to finish the enemies surrounding it first so you won’t have any problems. We recommend using C1 Zhongli or Geo Traveler for this step.

Genshin Impact - Lost Valley Slate

After activating the stone pressure plate, turn around and ride the circular Wind Currents you see in front of you. It will take you to the location pictured below. From there, you will see a Treasure Hoarder reading a wooden sign beside the stone. Additionally, Paimon will start a dialogue with you about the glowing stone.

Genshin Impact - Lost Valley Stone Map

Then, a short cutscene will occur and the entrance to The Lost Valley domain will show. Make your way back to where you found the stone pressure plate earlier.

You can now enter the cave where The Lost Valley domain is found. After making your way in there, head over to the domain’s entrance to unlock it and activate it as a waypoint.

Genshin Impact - Lost Valley Front

Domain rewards

Genshin Impact - Lost Valley Artifacts

Completing the trials of The Lost Valley domain rewards you with two new artifact sets. In this domain, you can get an artifact for either Vermillion Hereafter or Echoes of an Offering.

But if you’re lucky enough, you may get artifacts for both sets. If you use Kamisato Ayato, the Echoes of an Offering artifact set is recommended for him.

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